Wearable Wednesday featuring perfect cheekbones….

I know that some things are an acquired taste. Like liverwurst, footless tights, hairless chihuahuas and Victoria Beckham. Personally, I love her Lady Shallowness. I just know that we would get along famously and there would be a room permanently reserved for me at Beckingham palace and we would stay up until all hours doing each others hair and prank calling Gordon Ramsey and eating fudge and giggling. Wait……actually thats me and David- I’m not sure I’d get get along well with Victoria at all. But anyhoo.

 Look at that loving expression- she is radiating love to us. But lets talk about her greatest achievemnt to date.

No, not David Beckham. We’ll return to him in another post. I mean the Victoria by Victoria Beckham Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Show. 

I’m not sure if the bodice on this 1st one is really featuring a mail slot, but hey, how handy would that be for us clerical types!

I like this next one- lots of good lines and the shoes are making me a little giddy.

I’m wondering if she designed these while pregnant and felt that all of us needed to be wearing clothing with  a lot of room to feel her pain? Is she suffers, we all suffer.

Yes, it has cats. I like that.  I expect little tiny Beatles and blue meanies to emerge on the hem of this one:

Now, your thoughts on this line or Beckham slumber parties or whatever.

Credits: Style.comPhoto

8 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday featuring perfect cheekbones….

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Oh how I hate to admit, but I do love the “coral” colored number, very classy, and if I were much younger and had the courage and or $, the “cat” dress really is cool…that being said, never saw anything in this young lady that so many seem to…why the interest… don’t care much for the husband either….


  2. I like the last 2 dresses! I also adore slumber parties, but have never wanted to invite either of the Beckhams. She seems like the type to put your bra in the freezer, and he will hog all the good nail polish.

    I also like footless tights with socks and boots. They give you the extra layer of warmth without the annoyance of two layers of socks pulling at your feet.


  3. I love the last dress, something about the clouds and the rain drops. It’s cute and a bit sophisticated at the same time.
    As for slumber parties, I’m too low maintenance. I’d just want cosy PJs, popcorn and a DVD!


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