Halloween at Disney- it’s going to be toasty

So every year my husband and I attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Mecca  Disney World. I’m not a big costume gal. I dress a little silly each day already- why save it up for one night? But the mouse lets you wear a costume for this, so wear costumes the Husband and I shall!

As a sewist, how hard should this be?

My husband loves to follow rules, collect badges and wear shorts and polo shirts, so this is a no-brainer for him. He is definitely Russell. I get to be Dug the dog! Lucky me! Orlando in October in a plush dog costume! I am in heaven!

I’m planning  to add the appropriate cone of shame:

It would be so easy to buy a dog costume, right? Nooooooooo. My question is- why do all of the animal costumes you can purchase have to be so sleazy???

Who is standing in Party City saying, ‘I want to be a cartoon dog for Halloween, but a SEXY one! ‘ I can’t even show some of the freakish things that pop up when you google ‘adult dog costumes’ – I respect you all too much! I also don’t want the husband getting any ideas in his head!

So I plan to buy the standard animal costume pattern from the Big4 and add some extra girth area -because Dug needs it, not for me of course- I am a dainty wraith!- in the hip and tuckus area. i’m hoping to locate the most thin breathable doggish fabric available so that this evening doesn’t turn into the Disney Trail of tears. Perhaps I’ll lose some weight just attending the party in my doggy sweatingsuit. Luckilly for me, Disney does not let you wear full concealment masks in the park, so shucks, I can’t wear a giant dog head?!

As this tragedy unfolds- I’ll keep you posted on my labors!

10/12 Update:

Here’s my headpiece- I’ll have a pic with me in it when my collar is done…..

Trying to decide if a fake nose is really necessary…any thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Halloween at Disney- it’s going to be toasty

  1. I think I need to make this a 2 piece- I’m having an unpleasant visual of myself trying to keep 40 lbs of plush dog costume off the bathroom floor while I piddle. Sorry that you all have that visual too now!


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