Wearable Wednesday – Fashion Fringe RTW2012

Ever get the feeling that a designer just doesn’t like women? Not in that ‘shh…he doesn’t like women’ kind of 1950’s euthemism way, but in a ‘I love designing sculptural textile pieces and these stupid models keep getting in the way- maybe I can hide them or make them less noticeable in the clothes….hmm.’

I present exhibit A:

 Her mother must be sooo proud. I’m not sure if these dresses are padded or she is hiding a babhka loaf in that dress?

This one is for the bloggers who wondered about another models knees- does London have a pollen problem in September? she’s sort of Drowning Ophelia…

This model is trying so hard to blow upward and get the hair of her face. So hard to maintain character…

Ever wonder if an outfit gave you hip horns?

No one will notice your nip-slip if your hip horns are just right……. How do you all feel about the Fashion Fringe duo?

Photo Credit: Style.com

16 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday – Fashion Fringe RTW2012

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    I am nowhere close to the cutting edge of fashion…but this is just absurd. Too much $ and time wasted….but on the other hand….would love someone to just “fix” the yellow/black number..ie: lengthen, remove all excess material, add sleeves….for my old upper arm wings….and I would definitely love and treasure same…..


  2. Chicky Chickita says:

    I think some of these Designer’s just want to see how much pull they have to get women to walk around looking a little crazy in their Design’s….thinking they look good.
    A fashionable roadkill ,comes to mind
    Hmmm..That’s just plain evil:) LOl


  3. Maybe they’re trying to draw in the Lady Gaga fanbase with these designs. She would absolutely wear the top number. Though I do often wonder if the models don’t have any self respect when they agree to wearing this sort of rubbish. Get these girls some counseling–they’re better than this!


  4. Christ on a crouton, you sound like me every Thursday night when I’m screaming at the contestants on ‘Project Runway” for giving every 85 lb. model a muffin top and a camel toe. WTF!?!?


  5. I read somewhere that designer gowns literally NEVER look the way they do coming down the runway — the people who order them get them hemmed longer, cut shorter, taken in here, remove that piece there, blah blah. I can sort of see the skeletons of wearable items under all the runway crap, so maybe that’s the point?

    Except for the hip horns. That garment is inexcusable.


    • I’ve seen on the red carpet stars saying ‘oh I designed it with____,I changed the hem, color,sleeve and added 4 rows of glitter bows’ I always felt bad for the designer- now I know it was to camouflage the seaweed and reduce the baby babhka bodice…


  6. Lynn says:

    If you ask me, which of course no one does, I think every one of them look like a Morticia Adams Special! The first one, I honestly think that “thing” in front of her face most likely is supposed to be drapped across the chest, but perhaps the model was ashamed and decided to hide behind the thing. And WHAT is with their hair? When did it become fashionable to wrap it in a knot around our necks? But, on the other hand, that actually could have been a sly but desperate attempt at getting out of the job…….


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