Fall Palette Challenge- grrr, baby, grrr….

Crisp falling leaves, a nip in the morning air, the scent of cider and leaf burning…..ahhh….Autumn!

Oh,  Holy Moses on Buttered Toast!?  Who am I trying to kid- it’s still 9 million degrees and I’m getting corduroy chafe from this dress and if I wear these boots for 2 more minutes my ladylike glistening will make my calves a purpley-black  forever!? But I want to sew fall so badly and Sew Weekly is using the Fall Palette challenge as this weeks theme- I want to play, too! So pretend that my forehead is not really dewy and ignore the secret knowledge that I may or may not be foicusing on a popsicle in the distance in one of these pictures. It’s harvest time for the Love of God, get the horn of plenty out and enjoy my Bette Davis-esque Simplicity 2174 cheetah print corduroy frock!  I do love this dress- I added the buttons and did little tucks on the sleeves to give it a little ‘Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy night!’ feel.

Thank you to my sweet Mr B- he slaved all night getting the computer back up and so he didn’t have to listen to me whine anymore…..about the computer at least.

14 thoughts on “Fall Palette Challenge- grrr, baby, grrr….

  1. Well, if nothing else, you’ll have this sex-ay dress for when the cooler weather does actually hit. 🙂 Love the print too, I have a small hoard of animal prints that I’ve never had the nerve to do anything with. I should just go for it.


  2. Love the dress – and the fabric. I picked up some fall fabrics the other day, but living in FLorida, it will have to cool off a whole lot more before I consider wearing any of it (of course, it might be next fall before I actually get it sewn.).

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is outlined on my blog. I love your stuff, and hopefully my friends will, too.



  3. You do look very cool, calm and collected – though I am sure it is an illusion for you in the heat!!! Great job on the dress, though, and the colourings are most suited to you. At least, when the next leaf does fall you will have your first dress of the season ready to go catch it.


  4. That dress is gorgeous — I love what you did with the buttons! I know how it is to want to sew for fall, but fortunately our mornings are quite chilly so I can pretend that it’s fall for a few hours. At least, until the marine layer burns off.


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