Oh, new sewing machine, I love you so….

I do love my new sewing machine. How much? I think I’m going to take it behind the bleachers and give it a hickey. I think I would let it have the last of the mint milano cookies. I think it could convince me to watch a Tyler Perry movie. So close are we two.  As with all obsessive love- it leads you to do foolish things. Like playing around with fancy embroidery stitchers on garments that really don’t need them. 

 This is Vogue 1247 and I love it- finally got a picture of my torso in it!  I love the crab underside effect of all the converging seamlines.When I see myself in it, I want to eat hushpuppies- the subliminal crab thing is very powerful. I’m having mild hem regret too- the angles gave me fits- the dachsies learn much latin that day, friends.

I got this impulsive idea to decoratively stitch the neckline and it made it a little 80’s looking to me. Perhaps cheapened the look over all…But those decorative stitches are so tempting! With the press of a button I can add the entire text of the Iliad to any bustier! I can embroider the Last Supper on my next pair of gauchos! Oh, the bliss! Oh, the feeling that this is not what  Coco Chanel had herself cryogentically frozen to return for……

Or perhaps she did…..

Overall, I do love the blouse- I plan to try it again in another fabric once I have taped over the decorative stitch chart and can promise to behave myself.

17 thoughts on “Oh, new sewing machine, I love you so….

  1. aliesje says:

    Coco Chanel had herself cryogenically frozen!? that is totally making me reconsider my plans to name my first dog after her!

    Congrats on finishing up your first vogue – it looks great! It’s such an interesting and flattering pattern. i keep meaning to get some nice crepe de chine for a 2nd version…


  2. Oh, I like the shirt! What kind of machine did you get, may I ask? My mom is in the market for a new one and mine isn’t being made anymore….

    That picture of Coco nearly gave me a heart attack. She really looks like she came back from the dead to lay the smack down on you for abusing your decorative stitches!


  3. Ahahaha! Shirt is adorable. I often find myself yearning for more decorative stitches (my machine is fairly basic and only has one or two that I like), but perhaps it’s just as well. I love that fabric, but suspect it’s the kind that would make me want to bash my head into a wall sewing it. Good for you for conquering it! 😉


  4. Oh, those stitches….they tempt me, too. But I’m afraid I’ll end up throwing everything at a piece of fabric and end up with a hot mess. Which is exactly what you do NOT have here! They’re not overpowering at all, just a little something something.


  5. Oh my goodness, I don’t know which I would like to envision more: embroidered Last Supper or gauchos. But together? Whoo boy! Thank you for the hysterical laugh today. AND…. drum roll… Thank you ever so much for subscribing to my blog. You are my first, gush, so we’ll always have that. Happy stitching and blogging.


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