Wearable Wednesday…psst…your slip is showing

Every one of Marni’s 2012 RTW has a little extra something-  hanging out of the bottom. From watching some fellow sewists do the Circle Skirt sewalong I know that it’s important to hang your garments before hemming- maybe Marni was rushed.  See for yourself:

Round 2- I love the structure of this one and that the model is wearing good pressure hose to avoid blisters during lengthy shows- models suffer just like you and I, right? 

Texturally I am loving this collection- the graphics, the floral, the lines-

This has sort of a Charlie Brown Luau effect:

I want the matching pillow shams:

Now one more for the road:

What’s the general concensus- yays or nays for Marni?

Photo Credit: Style.com

15 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday…psst…your slip is showing

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Yay – Especially like the darker florals 1 and 3…I adore 5…blue is not my color so they would have to change the top … maybe using bottom colors but a tad darker??? different pattern??? Hems – another gimmick…


  2. Overall, nay, I think I would wear aspects of this but not entire outfits. I’m not keen on the prints in 1, 4, 5 and 6 (so.. most of them). The last one actually had my eyes widening from the bright colour, but maybe in less flourescent colours I’d like the same dress. I think the slip showing is boring in it’s consistency. I would have liked it more if it was a shade shorter or occasionally had a pattern or maybe gather it up in one spot, something that looked intentional but added more to the outfit. The blue top with black pants or a black pencil skirt is something I would wear to work, but I agree it is too pillow-shamy as is. Maybe I’m just not that risky with prints. I like 2, although is it backless or something? Seems like a rather corporate fabric to have skin exposed at the sides.
    And severe nay to the support hose.


  3. Honestly, I think a peek of slip can be adorable and chic — especially the vintage ones with beautiful hem trim, especially dyed in bright colors.

    This look? Leaves me cold. Maybe it’s the far too utilitarian style of the slips, or the fact they’re completely sheer which slips generally are not, or the outfits general resemblance to the late 60s-early 70s which are arguably my least favorite decade in fashion (although the late 80s-early 90s had its own set of issues). I don’t think I’d wear a single thing here voluntarily.


  4. Ooh I LOVE these but more to admire in the catwalk than something to wear in real life. I like the teetering-on-ugly aesthetic and plain silhouette (including the slips!).

    My favourite is the brown and yellow floral print dress with the collar, although it’s definitely not clothing to wear on a first date, if you know what I mean. Probably v stereotyping but I don’t think it’s the kind of fashion that men get. It is very late 60s – I’m sure I’ve seen some of these prints on sewing pattern envelopes I own!

    NAY to the support hose though, that’s just going too far.


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