Last Night at The Row….

Now I’m not one to mock the Olsen twins- I always feel that with kids harnessed into acting at an early age we should just be glad they are only wearing crazy cat-lady garb and not taking hostages. Besides- I always love their shoes, bags and the way they always seemed to be mouthing ‘prune’ in pictures.

I wonder if perhaps they resent us ignoring their 40 lbs of broomskirt skirts and caftans and need to remind us that, ‘Hey! Young and poorly advised in the house!’

So this homage to Sue Sylvester may be a sartorial cry for help:

Admittedly, I’d love one of these fleece lined to wear on saturday mornings while I nurture my gourmet creamer addiction and watch the dachsie’s fertilize my lavendar.

 But for a big evening out, I’ll bet it took hours to select just the right accesories for a formal tracksuit kimono. Do you do full sporty and perhaps work in some white fox wristbands and such? Or downplay the addidasness and act like it’s just we the commoners seeing such an incredibly ironic piece and we just can’t understand it fully. I’ll go with that theory. Unless it has a hood…. then just forget it- it’s beyond me.

6 thoughts on “Last Night at The Row….

  1. I’m LMAO at the vampires….anyway, I don’t see anything wrong with the tracksuit kimono. It looks comfy and at least they’re covered up, unlike a lot of young Hollywood today. I do find myself wondering if all the compulsive layering is due to being overexposed as children – either physically or emotionally.

    However, if you are badass enough to go out in your bathrobe and look good doing it — eh, more power to you says me.


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