Halloween, can you Dug it?

Ok, that was supremely corny, but is it cornier than a plumpish gal in a dog costume? I’m still frightened by what google will turn this post into, but ok, here we go! By this time next week, Mr B and I will be in Disneyworld enjoying our annual sojourn with consumerism, gluttony and ankle blisters. Ahhhhhhhh.

Don’t worry- we leave the house well guarded.

This years adventure is Up! themed. Mr b will be Russell the Wilderness Scout and I will be Dug the dog. Because as you know, I refused to be Kevin the Bird.

I’m vamping and running on in an effort to avoid showing you a picture of me in a dog costume. Anyone caught laughing will be faced with serious punishment.

I really lucked out with my plush fabric- Hancock had a piece of furry stuff that didn’t have that hard, heavy backing- it was alomost akin to disco fur. It had a little sheen, it was very moveable- I think I could make a frisky halter top out of it for Studio 54’s Canine Night.

As a tactical move, I did not use the standard 1 piece zip front animal costume. If it ended up being monster hot in Orlando, I plan to just wear the top of the costume and some light colored capri pants- I only plan to suffer so much for my art, you know?  But I sure hope I get to wear the whole costume- it would seem so wrong to be Dug from the hip up only…..

Ok, without further delay- I bring you…..Russell and Dug. Hold your applause and please, no stealing this picture for your screensaver or Christmas card!

Oh dear- I just realized Mr B is wearing his ‘let the dog out shoes’ . Well, this outfit already killed all of his street cred anyhoo- he might as well embrace the crocs, right?

Look out, Mickey.

Wearable Wednesday with Libertine

After I pulled this collection up on Style.com, I had to pause. You say Libertine, I go all Deppy.

Ahhh, now that I have that out of my system, lets look at some other pretty things…. this time from Libertine RTW Spring 2012.  

I really like the cut of this first one.

Timely, but aren’t they the ones buying this?


Ok, now I just have to share this……

Yup. His slight look of confusion mirrors my own. He looks like he needs to see Johnny Depp again.

You are welcome Mr Vert.

Please let me know your thoughts on all things Libertinous or Deppy- whatever appeals to you more!

Photo Credit: Style.com

I can’t wait for Friday…

I like to post a little tasteful crazy on friday, but this is a critical situation. This must be contained in a timely manner, so today I bring you Colleen Rooney- footballers wife, skin cancer enthusiast and large earring devotee. We’ll ease in slowly with a view from the rear, giving you time to adjust your vision for the full frontal.

 Happy Birthday Wayne. look what we have for you:

I have seen some seriously lovely red lace this year- I’m talking to you, Michelle Williams- this is just not that.

What would you do to save this party frock?

Simplicity 1939- my fashion influences being Cheryl Tiegs and Fred’s mother-in-law…..

First let me say I just love this dress- it makes me feel all kinds of girly and the bow neckline takes me back to that time where I thought that Cheryl Tiegs in her Sears ads was the height of glamour, sophistication and I just knew that if I ate the crusts on all of my sandwiches I would grow a bosom, feathered hair and  show the world what they were missing by  taking my 8 year old self for granted! Ah, my dreams haven’t changed much now that I think about it……

 Anyhoo- after the cheetah corduroy splendour frock I thought I should perhaps go in another direction, but the lure of the faux predator has lured me once more. My only concern is that I am 1 animal print dress short of completing the Mrs Slaghoople collection.

But is that really so wrong?  Shouldn’t I achieve at least one goal in life? Great, we’re agreed- thats good because I just bought 5 yards of animal print ultrasuede.

For the record, I would like to mention that I am not really fat, it is an optical illusion brought on by always posing with a miniature dachshund. Thanks, Liesl!

Wearable Wednesday- Viktor& Rolf and some potholders they made at camp

It’s that special time where I show you five Style.com treasures and you tell me if they are worth a months rent. Normally I like Viktor and Rolf- I think they are edgy, whimisical, creative- all those other adjectives that make you lose Project Runway.


Here- you be the judge:

As a person who cares about you, and your delicate sensibilities, I have spared you most of the gigantic potholder antics that 3/4 of the show was about, but I must bring you this:

and this:

thats only 4….lets see…what have I missed?

Oh, silly me- the ruffled icing confused me. Wrong party.

Am I being too harsh? Lace yourselves up  and let me know what you  think!

Photo Credit: Style.com

Caped Crusades!

Lately I’ve been hearing that this falls !BIG THING! Is the cape. Well, I am never good with trends. I was always picked last for dodgeball on the fashion scale. No Kardashian here.

  It pains me to find this Kardashian moment lovely. It’s like admitting to liking Sammy Hagar best in Van Halen. Just inexcusable.

There are of course advantages to the cape- you can make obscene gestures under it and still maintain a ladylike illusion.  You are ready to cover puddles if royalty appears in your hamlet. It’s very commanding and makes people want to let you go in front of them at the Jack in the Box. I’m sure there are more advantages- you can share any that you think of in the comments.

A con would be this outfit which borders on costumey and no one has ever said in a rational moment, ‘It’s ok, I saw Carrie Bradshaw wear it’ .

During a recent pattern buying spree I sent my Hubbie/minion  to the pattern vaults and he returned with this:

He also spent a few minutes bemoaning that capes were not standard dress anymore. Unfortunately, he meant for himself…..

So what do you think? Is it time to embrace the cape and  be on trend for 5 minutes?

Friday thoughts that are Footloose

This week I saw this picture and thought…’Who is Julianne Hough? Isn’t she sort of dating Ryan Seacrest? Where did she come from? Where did he come from? Is he too old for her or is it ok because he has Dick Clark locked up in his Brentwood dungeon and is leaching his brylcreem scented life force from him slowly and plans to take over the galaxy and that’s so attractive to a girl looking for a father figure….’ ok, that was what I thought and it distracted me from her outfit which upon reflection I thought was really cute.

  One one hand it’s very classic and seems like the standard riff on menswear- ‘teehee, I’m wearing a jacket wih no pants’ but the cut and length make it very fem and not overwhelming on her.

What do you think? is this a winner or recycled hash like the movie she is starring in….

Does it make you forget your troubles, come on get happy on this friday morning?

By the by, last night I cut out a new Cynthia Rowley- lets hope I haven’t jinxed myself- seems like everytime I share a  plan I end up broiling in pattern defeat!

Wearable Wednesday featuring Mui Mui!

Well, the Fashion Weeks are over, but the inspiration remains- being a lover of mixed prints, I wasn’t really feeling the new Mui Mui RTW2012, but then I saw this:

 ooooh says I! Then this little number with it’s own matching shoulder valance:  

Are these boots/socky things fun or what? So toasty on cold high-fashion mornings!

This smocking effect is so lovely- I have skill envy as usual!

One more for good measure:

 So, are you loving on Mui Mui?

Photo Credit: Style.com

A UFO sighting in the Sewer’s Bordello….

Usually I’m very good. I don’t collect UFO’s or report them….much. But if I attach the skirt to Mccalls 6396 one more time, I know I will cry. I’ve repositioned those folds and tucks so many times I’m about 1 turn away from an origami crane in tweed.

Well, I just need to step away from my origami project for now- I will try again later- still not giving up on this pattern, I still think a tweedy cheerleader is a good idea in theory! Especially for those winter games in the North East.  

I will leave the project in the time-out closet until I can face it again and it promises to behave itself.

A parting thought on UFO’s…..

Can that pattern be saved?

The accused: Mccalls 6396. The crime? I’m not sure. When I find a new pretty and get all jazzed about it, I usually look it up on pattern review. This jumper? 1 ‘meh- this pattern is evil and must be destroyed’ style review. So googled it. A whole lot of tumble weed blew around the internet, but no real thoughts on this pattern.

So, I took some deep breathes and cut it out in a wool tweed with an embossed rose pattern. Only time will tell whether this pattern is a sleeper gem or in the final stages of the application process for the Witness relocation process……