Butterick Betrayal

Does life really have to be a constant struggle between comfortable and flattering? I just finished a Butterick 5523 and even as my speeding train raced toward unflattering- I kept on. I repeated to myself that the fabric was a clearance sweatshirt knit that was so easy to work with and oh, how cozy this pattern would be in the winter- did I acknowledge to myself at any point the vague resemblence it gave me to a giant liverwurst? No. Liverwurst can be improved with tomatos and a good condiment. People- there aren’t enough tomatos to save this. Shield the children and please be kind:

I would love to say that there are only victories in the sewers Bordello- but today a piece of sweatshirt fleece and much dignity was lost. But as an good researcher would- I document the horrors and test the possible vaccines on myself – to save lives.  On the upside- it is very comfortable and Mr B likes the cowl- but as my entry to Sew Weeklys Think Pink? Nope- I can’t stand any of the pictures that show the whole dress- it’s  a cocoa-pepto train wreck! Delete picture files!!

5 thoughts on “Butterick Betrayal

  1. All this has done, apart from make me want a liver sausage sandwich, has made me desperate to envisage the dress. I love the drape of that cowl and I’m loving the colour. It works great with your skin tones. Are you sure its that ‘terrid’?! Are you not just being a little hard on yourself? Sometimes a cool pair of tights and some heels are all thats needed to get ‘flattering’ back in the dress!


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