Simplicity 2147- renews my faith in humanity, probably looks great with a scabbard….

Well, yesterday I tried to shake off the cocoa-pepto doldrums and get back in the Sewers Bordello. I had a pattern in mind- yup- still practicing Dug the Dog costume avoidance, but I have 27 days- surely I can breathe fun fur another day and still be done on time. Anyhoo….

I’m developing a real affinity for anything labelled tunic. I used to think that was not my best style- ok, this came to mind:

But I’m starting to love the tuckus and hip camouflage they provide while still looked put together and of course leaving me somewhere to scabbard my broadsword when not threatening the neighbor children.

So here are my results- I added a little fabric brooch- ala Carrie Bradshaw to break up the houndstooth pervasiveness and I wore it out to dinner with the parentals. My dislike of bias tape (ok, I’m not so great at it) led me to line the yoke and I like the extra stability it gave me. You of course need that when adding a silly fabric flower to your  work!

Yes I’m melting in the sun…..but the earrings are moving! Lookee an action shot!

A flower close up: I think of this as my ‘Why I do declare! ” pose. 

For anyone wondering where the pink dress is…it’s with my stylist….

15 thoughts on “Simplicity 2147- renews my faith in humanity, probably looks great with a scabbard….

  1. I am trying to find a love for tunics myself. I have bottoms that need a longer top and most end just a little too short. I seem to have a similar mental association with tunics so I just never think to buy/sew them. Yours is just lovely, very flattering.


  2. That tunic looks very flattering — I would never have tried it in the houndstooth, but it looks great on you! I have tunic phobia, myself, but really should get over it since I have some bottoms that would go marvelously with longer tops.

    As someone who has a “stylist” myself, your stylist seems to be laying awfully close to a needle in that shirt — just wanted to warn you, in case.


  3. I am utterly obsessed with houndstooth. So much so that I accosted a woman on the bus last Friday morning. She got on, and my eyes bugged out at her ht suitcase. I looked up, and oh, of course she is the wife of my bus-crush. (yes, happily married here 🙂 I ran up to her when we all got off at the station, confirmed it was a Heys, and went about my day wishing I had a bill to drop at Macy’s. Or that I’d gotten off my duff and sewn myself a travel bag for my upcoming trip….got a home dec ht in the stash.

    This is a long-winded way of saying you look stunning. What is that textile? Silk? And your hair! Every time I see hot short hair, I wonder why I’m growing mine.


  4. And if you squint just right, the houndstooth totally looks like chain-mail to go with the broadsword!

    … seriously, love it. I, too, am continually surprised by how much I like tunics on me, since the concept doesn’t really appeal at all. I think doubling the yoke was a brilliant idea, especially in a light fabric like this.

    WIN! 😀


  5. I love your “I do declare” pose! And the brooch is all kinds of pretty. I love the drape of the fabric and houndstooth is definitely growing on me… You look amazing in this!


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