Can that pattern be saved?

The accused: Mccalls 6396. The crime? I’m not sure. When I find a new pretty and get all jazzed about it, I usually look it up on pattern review. This jumper? 1 ‘meh- this pattern is evil and must be destroyed’ style review. So googled it. A whole lot of tumble weed blew around the internet, but no real thoughts on this pattern.

So, I took some deep breathes and cut it out in a wool tweed with an embossed rose pattern. Only time will tell whether this pattern is a sleeper gem or in the final stages of the application process for the Witness relocation process……

8 thoughts on “Can that pattern be saved?

  1. deanna says:

    hmmm-i am thinking the v-neck looks a little indecisive. does it want to be a v-neck or does it want to be a vest? or does it want to be some kind of weird fabric suspenders? then i would want to drop that waist down down down, OK maybe not that far down-just two downs, and make the skirt longer, but then would i look like i was about to attend the Highland Fling?! and if i did, and if i was, how would my outfit be received? i think we have some good potential here.


  2. It’s definitely meant to be worn with tights and an undershirt like the model is in the photo, but it doesn’t look like it would be too hard to adjust the fit since the lines are fairly conventional. I say charge on!


  3. aliesje says:

    i was also wondering about this pattern – in the drawings, it looks to me like a cheerleader uniform. i agree with deanna that it’s the top that seems maybe a little off. maybe it’s the assymetrical piece at the bottom; it might look better if that was even?


  4. A lot of the young women I teach who are petite would look uber cute in this jumper, weird hemline and all. But it really only can work on the petite, late-teen early 20’s female. Otherwise, it
    would be a nightmare!


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