A UFO sighting in the Sewer’s Bordello….

Usually I’m very good. I don’t collect UFO’s or report them….much. But if I attach the skirt to Mccalls 6396 one more time, I know I will cry. I’ve repositioned those folds and tucks so many times I’m about 1 turn away from an origami crane in tweed.

Well, I just need to step away from my origami project for now- I will try again later- still not giving up on this pattern, I still think a tweedy cheerleader is a good idea in theory! Especially for those winter games in the North East.  

I will leave the project in the time-out closet until I can face it again and it promises to behave itself.

A parting thought on UFO’s…..

5 thoughts on “A UFO sighting in the Sewer’s Bordello….

  1. Oh dear….I thought this pattern was cute when I saw it, but didn’t pick it up for various reasons and now I’m glad I didn’t (mostly because I don’t wear or like jumpers). Is there any way to do something different with the skirt? Because the top does look pretty nice.


    • I think I’m at that ‘not enough fabric to recut, no more in the store’ crossroads. Even laying the piecs differently, the back panel is short and breezy- I’m not sure where to go with it. Mccalls hasn’t responded to the Pattern Review poster who wrote to them about the strangeness, either. Sigh.


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