Wearable Wednesday featuring Mui Mui!

Well, the Fashion Weeks are over, but the inspiration remains- being a lover of mixed prints, I wasn’t really feeling the new Mui Mui RTW2012, but then I saw this:

 ooooh says I! Then this little number with it’s own matching shoulder valance:  

Are these boots/socky things fun or what? So toasty on cold high-fashion mornings!

This smocking effect is so lovely- I have skill envy as usual!

One more for good measure:

 So, are you loving on Mui Mui?

Photo Credit: Style.com

9 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday featuring Mui Mui!

  1. I like the blue sundress…or wait, is that her bra?!?! I think that’s her bra! OK, the prude in me has changed her mind. I like my bras, but it doesn’t mean I want to make them a feature of my day’s outfit.


  2. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to mixing prints, I like prints, but one at a time. So I like a lot of this, but would only wear aspects of it myself. I don’t understand the shoulder valance, it looks like something I would have tried to sew without a pattern when I was 12. That said, I like the fabric a lot.

    What is with all the pink/red eyeshadow? Not a look that I understand. I try to avoid having my eyes look burned out.


      • Angry zombie racoons made me laugh. Can you imagine how the planning meeting would go… “My inspiration drawing from nature, specifically the zombie racoon that was ripping apart my garbage last night. You know, I think he had pink eye. How beautiful! Let’s make it reality!”


  3. Barbara Shovlin says:

    I am loving the prints/colors in 1 and 2…especially 1. The smocking detail is fantastic in both numbers … but not crazy about the outfits themselves. #5 … NO. Red eyeshadow…..another gimmick…..gets people talking…aren’t “fashion shows” all about taking it a step further….I rather like the unusual. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I like elements of all the outfits, but the white blouse in #3 is pretty hideous. I think even the bra with that skirt is a better look.

    I used to get my medicine at a pharmacy where the assistant often wore pink eyeshadow….I would stand there wondering why she thought it was ok to look contagious while handing people their prescriptions.


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