Caped Crusades!

Lately I’ve been hearing that this falls !BIG THING! Is the cape. Well, I am never good with trends. I was always picked last for dodgeball on the fashion scale. No Kardashian here.

  It pains me to find this Kardashian moment lovely. It’s like admitting to liking Sammy Hagar best in Van Halen. Just inexcusable.

There are of course advantages to the cape- you can make obscene gestures under it and still maintain a ladylike illusion.  You are ready to cover puddles if royalty appears in your hamlet. It’s very commanding and makes people want to let you go in front of them at the Jack in the Box. I’m sure there are more advantages- you can share any that you think of in the comments.

A con would be this outfit which borders on costumey and no one has ever said in a rational moment, ‘It’s ok, I saw Carrie Bradshaw wear it’ .

During a recent pattern buying spree I sent my Hubbie/minion  to the pattern vaults and he returned with this:

He also spent a few minutes bemoaning that capes were not standard dress anymore. Unfortunately, he meant for himself…..

So what do you think? Is it time to embrace the cape and  be on trend for 5 minutes?

17 thoughts on “Caped Crusades!

  1. This post cracked me up! Unfortunately, I can’t wear capes for one very simple reason: I like to sling my purses over my shoulder. Hate handbags. Hate, hate, hate.

    So the cape may be on for this season, but I’m going to have to vote no. However, I’m tempted by it as part of a costume — Red Riding Hood, perhaps? I do like the look with a hood.


  2. I actually saved a few of the Lekala cape patterns last time they had their patterns free on line. Have I made one? No. Do I still like them… yes… But I hadn’t thought of the purse thing that LSCG points out. I do like purses with a shorter strap, long enough to go over my shoulder and tuck right under my arm, but short enough to hold at my elbow. I may have some challenges there. But I suspect I will spend so much time debating about it, the trend will be long gone before I cut into fabric.


  3. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Love the cape…..would love one in a black/grey/red tweed….or actually houndstooth…. I can go w/o purse so I would make good use of great big pockets. Images of Betsy Draper in a camel cape come to mind? My first time also complimenting Ms. Kardashian … oh, it hurts!!


  4. I am so off trend I’m on. I jest. Really, though, I’m also not a sucker for the big trends, but have to admit to being drawn toward the cape. Though I’m sure to find it annoying for actual commuting to work… like lazysubculturalgirl said, how is one supposed to carry a bag filled with book, water, lunch, wallet, brolly for the rain, mixers for post-work subway ride home…


  5. Kelly says:

    Capes are so chic. I like that now they seem to be placing a short seam between the arm and the body (which appears to be the case in the Kim K photo) so that when you lift your arm you don’t catch a chest cold. I.AM.SO.MAKING.ONE.THIS.FALL.


  6. I think capes are pretty, but I’m too practical to allow myself one. And, it’s one thing to be fashionable if you live in a big city, but around here…….you’d stick out like a sore thumb.


  7. Haven’t capes been “the thing” like forever? Or is it just that I only check in on trends every decade or so?

    I like how they look, but can’t get past the impracticality. A coat is much warmer. Also I wear a long-strap purse that goes across my body. So yeah, not really practical.

    I’ll take a long velvet one with a hood, though. For sure. 😀


  8. Well I am glad that ‘Down Under’ we are heading into our summer season and capes are not on the fashion hit list. And our winter is over 9 months away so hopefully this ‘trend will die fast. They surely must be on the ‘Most Impractical’ fashion list for their pointlessness. Unless the style and cut are just right, coupled with ‘the perfect body shape’ they just look like a glorified snuggie (which is another pet craze dislike of mine).
    No, if the modern day superheros can’t pull a cape of any longer, then they aren’t for me either!!!


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