Wearable Wednesday- Viktor& Rolf and some potholders they made at camp

It’s that special time where I show you five Style.com treasures and you tell me if they are worth a months rent. Normally I like Viktor and Rolf- I think they are edgy, whimisical, creative- all those other adjectives that make you lose Project Runway.


Here- you be the judge:

As a person who cares about you, and your delicate sensibilities, I have spared you most of the gigantic potholder antics that 3/4 of the show was about, but I must bring you this:

and this:

thats only 4….lets see…what have I missed?

Oh, silly me- the ruffled icing confused me. Wrong party.

Am I being too harsh? Lace yourselves up  and let me know what you  think!

Photo Credit: Style.com

17 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Viktor& Rolf and some potholders they made at camp

  1. Just….no. Those clothes would be vastly better without the lacing! Reminds me of the old saying, it takes two people to paint a picture. One to paint it, and the other one to shoot him when he’s done so he doesn’t keep adding to it and ruin it.


  2. O'Shady says:

    The real problem to me is that if you took away the bafflingly huge stitches, most of these pieces are really uninspired. The ugliness is the only thing that makes them interesting.


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