I can’t wait for Friday…

I like to post a little tasteful crazy on friday, but this is a critical situation. This must be contained in a timely manner, so today I bring you Colleen Rooney- footballers wife, skin cancer enthusiast and large earring devotee. We’ll ease in slowly with a view from the rear, giving you time to adjust your vision for the full frontal.

 Happy Birthday Wayne. look what we have for you:

I have seen some seriously lovely red lace this year- I’m talking to you, Michelle Williams- this is just not that.

What would you do to save this party frock?

14 thoughts on “I can’t wait for Friday…

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Ouch!!! Not to offend…but I think I have seen similar look sans sleeves and white lining in some prom pictures from … oh let’s just say the Deep South in general.


  2. Bring the hem down to knee-length, swap out the lining for an opaque red, remove the center front and back detailing, put in an invisible zipper (Good Lord, that zipper is atrocious) and either shorten the sleeves or remove them entirely.

    Or, just bin the dress and buy something else altogether. I’m not sure there is a way to make that particular red lace look anything other than cheap.


  3. Hmm… I’m reminded of the Coco Channel statement of removing one piece of jewelry before leaving the house. I think the dress tries to be too many things and needed a more than just one thing to go. I don’t really like either the front or back cut out, the skirt is too short, the zipper needs to go…

    Why do people do so much to their skin to make it obvious that they worked hard to look like that? After all that effort, that’s how you want to look? There is something about it that I just don’t understand.


  4. Very similar, but in an ugly way, to the red lace dress Michelle William’s wore at the premiere of her film Blue Valentine. Michelle’s dress came from the Erdem Spring collection 2011. There is classy and elegant, and there is tacky and blah!!! Really sad part is that Colleen’s little disaster actually cost 900 pounds!!!! Guess the copy-cat designer really should take up another career direction…or stick to his day job of Halloween costumes!!!


  5. Oh my goodness. What has happened to poor Coleen. I would never have recognised her! I dont think its just the dress… Did she forget to take her face mask off! So shiny! But seriously whoever thinks of lining red lace with white is off their rockers! It clearly doesn’t work. So trashy. You can see how much better it would be lined nude from the sleeves. And the length… well… the girl should learn some class and go vintage. Its far too 80s! Meow! 😉


  6. I’m not a seamstress, but I think I know fashion; first add some length. You’re a bit past beyond the age where short skirts are flattering. I would also change the entire line of the dress to make it more column like. I like the suggestion of black lace instead of white.


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