Wearable Wednesday with Libertine

After I pulled this collection up on Style.com, I had to pause. You say Libertine, I go all Deppy.

Ahhh, now that I have that out of my system, lets look at some other pretty things…. this time from Libertine RTW Spring 2012.  

I really like the cut of this first one.

Timely, but aren’t they the ones buying this?


Ok, now I just have to share this……

Yup. His slight look of confusion mirrors my own. He looks like he needs to see Johnny Depp again.

You are welcome Mr Vert.

Please let me know your thoughts on all things Libertinous or Deppy- whatever appeals to you more!

Photo Credit: Style.com

11 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday with Libertine

  1. O'Shady says:

    Love dresses 3 & 4 there! The “tax” skirt is more than a bit odd. But, I guess if you wanna make a statement, why not be direct? Also: deepest gratitude for the Deppiness!


  2. I love everything except the red and white dress — I agree, it looks like a Coke can! I even like the “Tax the Rich” skirt since I think it would be funny to wear that as a rich person. I have a whacked sense of humor.

    The bar code and other prints are awesome. One thing I miss about home sewing is that it’s so hard to get the cool prints we see on the runway or on RTW….


  3. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Love No 1… As for the Depp, you know he is feeling somewhat “violated” by having his Deppiness showing up all over….at least, according to some of his recent comments in Vanity Fair….give this old lady Ed Norton or Ryan Gosling anyday!!!


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