Halloween, can you Dug it?

Ok, that was supremely corny, but is it cornier than a plumpish gal in a dog costume? I’m still frightened by what google will turn this post into, but ok, here we go! By this time next week, Mr B and I will be in Disneyworld enjoying our annual sojourn with consumerism, gluttony and ankle blisters. Ahhhhhhhh.

Don’t worry- we leave the house well guarded.

This years adventure is Up! themed. Mr b will be Russell the Wilderness Scout and I will be Dug the dog. Because as you know, I refused to be Kevin the Bird.

I’m vamping and running on in an effort to avoid showing you a picture of me in a dog costume. Anyone caught laughing will be faced with serious punishment.

I really lucked out with my plush fabric- Hancock had a piece of furry stuff that didn’t have that hard, heavy backing- it was alomost akin to disco fur. It had a little sheen, it was very moveable- I think I could make a frisky halter top out of it for Studio 54’s Canine Night.

As a tactical move, I did not use the standard 1 piece zip front animal costume. If it ended up being monster hot in Orlando, I plan to just wear the top of the costume and some light colored capri pants- I only plan to suffer so much for my art, you know?  But I sure hope I get to wear the whole costume- it would seem so wrong to be Dug from the hip up only…..

Ok, without further delay- I bring you…..Russell and Dug. Hold your applause and please, no stealing this picture for your screensaver or Christmas card!

Oh dear- I just realized Mr B is wearing his ‘let the dog out shoes’ . Well, this outfit already killed all of his street cred anyhoo- he might as well embrace the crocs, right?

Look out, Mickey.

20 thoughts on “Halloween, can you Dug it?

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Beyond great…Just adorable….Mr. B does look so proud … or is it relief that he gets to wear shorts!! Have a super fun filled time!!!!


  2. You are a brave and heroic lady. I totally would’ve been the bird. And the costume is excellent.

    Most excellent, however, is the dachshund in chain mail. That is just all kinds of awesome.

    Have a great Hallowe’en and vacation! 🙂


  3. Melanie Payne says:

    Hello! Just saw this and am searching for a pattern for a Dug pattern for my 10 year old. Could you let me know what pattern you used? Thank you!


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