Simplicity 2147- renews my faith in humanity, probably looks great with a scabbard….

Well, yesterday I tried to shake off the cocoa-pepto doldrums and get back in the Sewers Bordello. I had a pattern in mind- yup- still practicing Dug the Dog costume avoidance, but I have 27 days- surely I can breathe fun fur another day and still be done on time. Anyhoo….

I’m developing a real affinity for anything labelled tunic. I used to think that was not my best style- ok, this came to mind:

But I’m starting to love the tuckus and hip camouflage they provide while still looked put together and of course leaving me somewhere to scabbard my broadsword when not threatening the neighbor children.

So here are my results- I added a little fabric brooch- ala Carrie Bradshaw to break up the houndstooth pervasiveness and I wore it out to dinner with the parentals. My dislike of bias tape (ok, I’m not so great at it) led me to line the yoke and I like the extra stability it gave me. You of course need that when adding a silly fabric flower to your  work!

Yes I’m melting in the sun…..but the earrings are moving! Lookee an action shot!

A flower close up: I think of this as my ‘Why I do declare! ” pose. 

For anyone wondering where the pink dress is…it’s with my stylist….

Butterick Betrayal

Does life really have to be a constant struggle between comfortable and flattering? I just finished a Butterick 5523 and even as my speeding train raced toward unflattering- I kept on. I repeated to myself that the fabric was a clearance sweatshirt knit that was so easy to work with and oh, how cozy this pattern would be in the winter- did I acknowledge to myself at any point the vague resemblence it gave me to a giant liverwurst? No. Liverwurst can be improved with tomatos and a good condiment. People- there aren’t enough tomatos to save this. Shield the children and please be kind:

I would love to say that there are only victories in the sewers Bordello- but today a piece of sweatshirt fleece and much dignity was lost. But as an good researcher would- I document the horrors and test the possible vaccines on myself – to save lives.  On the upside- it is very comfortable and Mr B likes the cowl- but as my entry to Sew Weeklys Think Pink? Nope- I can’t stand any of the pictures that show the whole dress- it’s  a cocoa-pepto train wreck! Delete picture files!!