Wearable Wednesday- Custo Barcelona

I like the nostaglic sense of this group- the sleek retro feel.

I’m sure this is just how cool my high school boyfriend and I looked together…in our minds..

Dads everywhere rejoice at the stylishness of the black sock and shorts combo!

These next two I really love for the piecing and femininity of them….

This one is about patterns for me and their sometimes unfortunate placement- I’m back in High School again as the uterus drawing from Health Class rears it’s ugly head:

Thoughts from you?

Photo Credits: Style.com

Friday Lisette Recap

I am not a big Black Friday shopper- too many years in retail have made me feel it’s cruelty. I’d rather avoid the whole consumer rat trap and hide at home. So I planned a few projects in the Sewer’s Bordello- between laundry cycles. How do two people make so much laundry. I need to come home at odd times and see if I can catch those dachshunds wearing my things. That’s the only reasonable explanation I can come up with.
Anyhoo….I still love the girlish simplicity of the Simplicity Lisette line. Today I touched up a jacket and made a top using 2209 and 2059 respectively:

I used a narrow wale bown corduroy for the jacket- I love some corduroy! I lined it with a quilters cotton for that element of daring that only quilters cotton can achieve!

The top I have been plotting over and I think i found just the thing- the front is very basic- just bust darts and a round neck ,so this print gives it a little something without the back getting too muddled- I insist you sit down- I followed the bself-bias tape neckline instructions! So proud I am. So proud.

I know these two pieces aren’t exactly seting the world on fire skill-wise, but I really need staples in the closet and I feel like today I struck a blow against consumerist and that gioves me the piety/frisky combo I love best!

Good day to you all!

photo credits: little me and the NY Public Library Archives

Wearable Wednesday gets Marching – A F Vandevorst

Catwalks can be dangerous- luckilly, this design group has found a way to make safety helmets chic and virtually unnoticeable! Phew- let the models rejoice!   It’s a well documented fact that head injuries kill more super models than corset injuries or sling back asphixiations. An outrage- please be sure to sign the petition I am emailing all of you.

I really like these- I like the cut, the fabrics, the excessive use of old band uniforms, the strapping- just the whole magilla. I can do without the chin straps, mind you, but hey- I think we’ve all noticed how windy these catwalks are getting.

I especially like the gun holster/dog walker dress suit below:  

 What does everyone think? I think my bestie Dita likes this collection- I think she’s with the band…. 

Photo Credits: Style.com, gofugyourself.com

Mccalls 6395- Who’s up for Feral February?

Since the dolls have stopped holding me hostage, I got to return to my work in the faux jungle. Mccalls 6395 hasn’t been reviewed very much and I thought it was really ginchy, so here we are:

I know it was supposed to be a moderate stretch knit pattern, but when have instructions ever been something essential? Really- what do we get from following instructions when glorious cheetah ultrasuede is calling you? It isn’t so closely fitted, so it really did work. The pattern also calls for exposed zippers, but for some reason, the husband just hates those. He makes watching Fashion Police very annoying with his complaints. So I bent to his whims (his only other vehement dislike is yoga pants as every day wear, so I can bend now and then) and did discreet little zips at the wrist and back. Designer details ahead:


I also didn’t line the sleeves- it was getting a little bulky and bending my arms is something I figured I’d do periodically while wearing it.

One of these days my 3 followers will open this up and see a non-animal print and I will be responsible for their heart attack demises and I will feel very bad about that, as I should, so don’t worry- I will issue a ‘Non-animal print spoiler alert’ early on. See, I’m responsible. Mom, can I get another dachshund now?

I’m thinking that my penchant for the faux animal should lead me to doing a huge group sew….I could have a little icon with Cruella deVille on it and we could call it Jungle January or Maneating March or Darwinian December.…..what do you think?

Who wants their blog to sport a ‘Sabor-toothed  Sartorialist- I’m sewing along’ button?

I’ll keep working on my graphics- don’t worry, it will be lovely!

Nina just doesn’t get my work…..

Heidi:  Today we will judge your latest efforts and as always one of you will be moving on and one of you will be out.

Me: But I’m not a contestant, I’m just making some doll clothes for a friend…..does that light have to be right in my eyes?

Nina: Lets look at the first piece. I find this a little bland- do you really understand who your client is? Do you see perhaps a professional woman in this?

Me: well, no, more of a toddler, I guess.

Michael: Never underestimate your client! They are your Lifes’s blood! It’s the kiss of death, right Colin Firth, Guest Judge?

Colin: I’m not sure why I’m here, is this Helen Mirren’s Celebrity Duck Hunt?

Heidi: lets talk about the pink one! I’d wear that. In fact, I know my husband would love me in that. It’s like a Leider-romper!

Michael: Leider-rompers are SO Halston 1995….I’m so over it- it’s like a diaper cover or something for a washer woman!

Me; Well, it is a diaper cover…

Heidi: Can I try it on? NOW?

Me; um, I guess, the crotch snaps….

Michael: Did you say snap crotch?  Oy vey!

Nina: oh, daring, risky – but so derivitive of Viviene Westwood 1984- is that really what you want to say?

Michael: Snap crotch takes me back to my Studio 54 days…..

Nina: It needs editorial thought and introspective- I’m not sure where you are going with this collection

Me: I’m not really a contestant on Project Runway-

Michael: Well, not if you can’t take criticism and act like you aren’t even involved in the competition! All designers get negative reviews- not me of course, I design for Gwyneth Paltrow, but other people get bad reviews….you need to toughen up and find your muse!

Colin: Seriously, am I being paid for this?

Heidi: Anne, I think it’s obvious that you have ideas, a good work ethic, but your vision is muddled and your collection looks like it’s for an incontinent fatty. I’m sorry, but it’s ALVETERZANE!

Nina: Colin, can I get a ride to that duck hunt with you?

Colin: No. Not unless someone pays me for this.

I sure hope Bitty Baby is more understanding…..

Photo credits: Definitely NOT style.com

Temperly London- Wearable Wednesday

I think I read somewhere in one of the deep tomes I thumb thru that Alice Temperly had been awarded Designer of the Year, maybe my BFF Pippa M told me- while we were getting waxed or taking out mailboxes with a baseball bat- I can’t remember, we are always together, you know.  

So let’s have a look at her work, shall we? I issue a serious turban warning for the faint of  heart at this time…….

I love the shoulders on this collection and as some of you know, covered buttons make me swoony.

Just lovely, don’t you think? I feel like I could be all sultry and mysterious in this collection. Or perhaps slutty and not too mysterious if I don’t get these lined…..

 I can’t leave it at this current collection, I really like this one from Fall2010- check out this jacket! 

Now a 2010 Spring since it’s my favorite:

What does everyone think? Now, Pippa, no monopolizing the comment section, let others get a turn!

Image credits: Style.com

Why isn’t it all about me???

So I went on vacation, came back really snotty and sounding like Debra Winger- ‘get in the truck, buuud….’ and basically have not been really able to operate heavy machinery while swilling nyquil and trying to focus. So I was really forward to a nice weekend in the Sewers Bordello.

I’ve cut out Mccalls 6395 in a (wait for it……..) cheetah print ultra suede. Shocking! I know the pattern calls for knit, but I think it’s roomy enough for this and it has a back zip- I think I’ll be ok, or we will just never speak of this again!

I’ve chosen the long sleeve version and I’m looking forward to trying the decorative zippers- time for a new skill, right?

But alas. The best laid plans of Mice and Anne. A co-worker has asked me to make her some doll clothing  for her grands and I am a sucker for a project that I am totally unprepared for! Want me to climb Everest with 20 minutes to prep? Sure. Need me to split that atom for you? Hey, I have no idea how, but I can wiki it, right? Sure, fine. I’m your gal. I’ll fit it in before my’ Foolish people who say yes alot’ support group meeting- which I’m in charge of refreshments for, by the way?! Since I’m also working sunday (yes, I volunteered) this just adding insult to injury. So yesterday I spent a good deal of time researching the measurements for Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins and shuffling thru the fat quarter stash that is hiding under the love seat. This made the dachshunds happy- they got to upend some boxes and run amuck. So good times for all! 

This makes me sad-  I haven’t sewn anything for little me since I made a brown corduroy Lisette jacket 3 weeks ago. I didn’t even put up a review, because it was so boring I almost fell asleep hemming it, but work demands we dress like we deliver packages. I need some creative stimulation and my selfish brain really prefers it be for me and not bitty baby! I’m developing a real grudge against Bitty Baby. Once more an inanimate object is my nemesis, so typical for me.

  If any of you know how big Bitty’s head is- let me know. I think all baby doll outfits need hats and I can’t find any measurements for their little noggins….

Yohji Yamamoto- for Wearable Wednesday

My 80’s child is very excited by this collection. Not that it’s dated, I just loved BIG then and thought every outfit needed mens shoes and a big skirt. I also keep hearing myself say, “damn it, Mom, it’s SUPPOSED to be like thisstop tugging on it?!’

Your thoughts?

 I’d like it if it had a nice pocket…. for my hakey-sac. ….

‘Ugh, boys around here SO don’t understand me’

‘This town is soooo lame, I swear, when I get my liscense……I am SO out of here’

Any angst sparked by this collection? Or inspiration for your own sewing?

Photo Credit: Style.com


I’m like a pashmina! You know, warm, stylish and versatile….

First I’d like to thank God, my personal trainer, Mrs Darling my Home Ec teacher, my mentor and friend- Tammy in the cafeteria, and of course, my wonderful husband who’s name I have forgotten in my obvious overwhelmedness over this achievement……….

But seriously- the lovely and talented gal Lavender who hosts Threadsquare  http://threadsquare.wordpress.com/ has awarded me a Versatile Blog award- isn’t she the ginchiest? 

I knew I was in the running for Redundant Blogger, Heavy-set Blogger, Blogger with Much Whining, but this was  a surprise!  I feel all Sally Fieldsy…..

One day I shall figure out how to put this lovely medallion on my page. I’m slow at these technical things, you know. So here is my new mission:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post  (check! )
  • Share seven things about yourself on your blog (oh, dear)
  • Pass this award along to recently discovered blogs (oh, no- more linking!)

Oh, seven things about me? Oh, being such a retiring blossom, I just don’t know where to start! I practically never speak of myself!

As with all of my thoughts, they are in no order of importance:

1- Until this very award, I could not spell versitile versetile, Versatile.

2- My first crush was on Daryl Dragon- yes, the Captain from Captain and Tennille. Years later I had a friend and her first crush was Toni Tennille. It is a small world, after all.

3- I have an irrational and tacky fear of Little People. I cannot watch TLC without a spotter. This cannot be reconciled with my love of corgies and miniature dachshunds, but it’s true.

4- I was once sexually harrassed by Robert Goulet.

5- I think that all cats should be named after drunken authors. I have a Clemmons, a Flannery and a Dashiell. I miss Mrs Parker.  I once named someone else’s cat Huxley.

6- My Mother thinks this is my natural haircolor. I can’t explain that- you’d just have to meet her.

7- My husband is three years younger than I am. I’m a chubby cougar! He looks older than I do because being a curmudgeon ages you quickly.

Wow. I am not very exciting, sorry everyone who was on the edge of their seat- I still refuse to speak of my haunted, tortured past as a nun ….and my flight across Austria with my new family and their curtain dresses…..

Now these bloggers- They are exciting! Check ’em out:

http://wesewretro.com/  I love to see vintage patterns given new life… I get so inspired reading this!

http://doobee64.blogspot.com/   This lady does all those intricate patterns I only read about! Love her!

http://clairesews.blogspot.com/ another great sewist!

http://vickikatemakes.wordpress.com/  I love this gal- she’s got such great ideas

http://orderofsplendor.blogspot.com/ Did you know that  those ribbons on the Queens mean something?? She did.

http://ironicmom.com/  I never read this without thinking ‘Damn, I wish I’d said that!’

http://kazzthespazz.com/ seriously- you need to see this lady- she is too swell!

This list is short- it should be longer- I have found so much inspiration, intelligence and grace in bloggers and I find more every day.

Wearable Wednesday with Burberry Prorsum

Trench coats and Jockey caps. Perennial classics in my book. This led me to a google search of jockey caps and a whole article on ‘Which cap is right for you?’ and I of course said, ‘the one with the pompom, naturally.’ 

I know why styling is important now- I love the green dress but I almost didn’t notice it because her ankles had been to mardi Gras…..

My Mother used to give me fits when I would wear a nice dress with a less dressy jacket. I guess she had a point.

Phew, no pompom, and I love this dress  but are those othopaedic  boots?

Psst- I don’t want to alarm you but it looks like you are in a conga line with a very short muppet…..

On the whole, I love the bones of this collection, but I have some styling issues what are your thoughts?

Photo Credit: Style.com