Wearable Wednesday with Burberry Prorsum

Trench coats and Jockey caps. Perennial classics in my book. This led me to a google search of jockey caps and a whole article on ‘Which cap is right for you?’ and I of course said, ‘the one with the pompom, naturally.’ 

I know why styling is important now- I love the green dress but I almost didn’t notice it because her ankles had been to mardi Gras…..

My Mother used to give me fits when I would wear a nice dress with a less dressy jacket. I guess she had a point.

Phew, no pompom, and I love this dress  but are those othopaedic  boots?

Psst- I don’t want to alarm you but it looks like you are in a conga line with a very short muppet…..

On the whole, I love the bones of this collection, but I have some styling issues what are your thoughts?

Photo Credit: Style.com


8 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday with Burberry Prorsum

  1. I am not keen on any of the dresses, but I do love some of the fabrics. I think I’m too distracted by pom poms and the practicalities of having my chest exposed to my waist to like the dresses.


  2. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Well, shoes and hats not taken into account, I just love the blue print and the lines and skirt of the green dress, beautiful. #’s 1 and 2 aren’t shabby either, but mama was right …. dressy dress, tacky jacket….nay!!!!


  3. OK, navel-slits aside, I have to say that is one of the more “wearable” looking collections I’ve seen you post yet ;). (You’re pretty much my sole take on “high fashion”, by the way)

    I love the first jacket (except the sleeves are too short for the model—I sympathize with her!) and the second blue dress (although the print considerably less than the cut).

    Styling, well… fashion shows are generally whack in that department, aren’t they?


  4. I think the stylist should have been taken out and shot. Even with that, I love the first outfit and the green dress is appealing (I’m pretty sure the non-runway version will have the slit much higher).

    I’m not sure what the inspiration was here, but it was odd.


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