I’m like a pashmina! You know, warm, stylish and versatile….

First I’d like to thank God, my personal trainer, Mrs Darling my Home Ec teacher, my mentor and friend- Tammy in the cafeteria, and of course, my wonderful husband who’s name I have forgotten in my obvious overwhelmedness over this achievement……….

But seriously- the lovely and talented gal Lavender who hosts Threadsquare  http://threadsquare.wordpress.com/ has awarded me a Versatile Blog award- isn’t she the ginchiest? 

I knew I was in the running for Redundant Blogger, Heavy-set Blogger, Blogger with Much Whining, but this was  a surprise!  I feel all Sally Fieldsy…..

One day I shall figure out how to put this lovely medallion on my page. I’m slow at these technical things, you know. So here is my new mission:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post  (check! )
  • Share seven things about yourself on your blog (oh, dear)
  • Pass this award along to recently discovered blogs (oh, no- more linking!)

Oh, seven things about me? Oh, being such a retiring blossom, I just don’t know where to start! I practically never speak of myself!

As with all of my thoughts, they are in no order of importance:

1- Until this very award, I could not spell versitile versetile, Versatile.

2- My first crush was on Daryl Dragon- yes, the Captain from Captain and Tennille. Years later I had a friend and her first crush was Toni Tennille. It is a small world, after all.

3- I have an irrational and tacky fear of Little People. I cannot watch TLC without a spotter. This cannot be reconciled with my love of corgies and miniature dachshunds, but it’s true.

4- I was once sexually harrassed by Robert Goulet.

5- I think that all cats should be named after drunken authors. I have a Clemmons, a Flannery and a Dashiell. I miss Mrs Parker.  I once named someone else’s cat Huxley.

6- My Mother thinks this is my natural haircolor. I can’t explain that- you’d just have to meet her.

7- My husband is three years younger than I am. I’m a chubby cougar! He looks older than I do because being a curmudgeon ages you quickly.

Wow. I am not very exciting, sorry everyone who was on the edge of their seat- I still refuse to speak of my haunted, tortured past as a nun ….and my flight across Austria with my new family and their curtain dresses…..

Now these bloggers- They are exciting! Check ’em out:

http://wesewretro.com/  I love to see vintage patterns given new life… I get so inspired reading this!

http://doobee64.blogspot.com/   This lady does all those intricate patterns I only read about! Love her!

http://clairesews.blogspot.com/ another great sewist!

http://vickikatemakes.wordpress.com/  I love this gal- she’s got such great ideas

http://orderofsplendor.blogspot.com/ Did you know that  those ribbons on the Queens mean something?? She did.

http://ironicmom.com/  I never read this without thinking ‘Damn, I wish I’d said that!’

http://kazzthespazz.com/ seriously- you need to see this lady- she is too swell!

This list is short- it should be longer- I have found so much inspiration, intelligence and grace in bloggers and I find more every day.

15 thoughts on “I’m like a pashmina! You know, warm, stylish and versatile….

  1. My first thoughts on this Versatile Blogger business was that of a scam, chain letter from the 80’s type thing. Remember those??? “Make a wish and then send this letter to 7 friends and it will come true…” Really??? Well, my wishes never came true!!!

    But not so, this VB is actually legitimate (surprise, surprise in this modern electronic era). A way to be applauded by your fellow blog-following peers. Like a hyper-space ‘pat-on-the-back’. So congrats. on your VB award for your blog – it really is well deserved!


  2. OH MY G!!! Thank You for the award!
    (hangs head in shame) I really should check my stats and things more often as I completely missed this. I am so so so so so sorry! But can I blame WP too as they did something hinky to my subscription?!?!


  3. Omigod… I have absolutely no excuse for my flakiness. I just knew that you’d have hilarious responses, and you did not disappoint. I’m greedy, see… I want entertainment and I want it now!!! So stealing your pashmina reference. I love Kazz, too! For some reason I can’t comment over there… maybe she saw me coming and but up the blockades.


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