Yohji Yamamoto- for Wearable Wednesday

My 80’s child is very excited by this collection. Not that it’s dated, I just loved BIG then and thought every outfit needed mens shoes and a big skirt. I also keep hearing myself say, “damn it, Mom, it’s SUPPOSED to be like thisstop tugging on it?!’

Your thoughts?

 I’d like it if it had a nice pocket…. for my hakey-sac. ….

‘Ugh, boys around here SO don’t understand me’

‘This town is soooo lame, I swear, when I get my liscense……I am SO out of here’

Any angst sparked by this collection? Or inspiration for your own sewing?

Photo Credit: Style.com


10 thoughts on “Yohji Yamamoto- for Wearable Wednesday

  1. I thought #2 looked like a dark ages washerwoman. And WTF is up with the hair? I’m too creeped out by the freaky rabbit ears to think about much besides “does she pick up Fox?”


  2. Lena says:

    What I would like is to see how he made some of the items, it is a marvel of engineering. Does nothing for me from esthetic point of yview, however 🙂


  3. I like these — not so much from a wearable perspective, but more from an artistic perspective. I like what he does with lines and flow here, and the general idea of working with more vertical flow is something I can see using in my sewing. The third outfit with the mini-kilt is actually kind of wearable although I don’t like my skirts THAT mini.


  4. You know, I like these! There’s so much fabric going on that no bumps or lumps would show and you could eat as much as you want. Number 2 is a bit like a psychedelic milk-maid so, no to that one.


  5. The 3rd outfit reminded me of dressing up over the top in the 80s to go clubbing. You’d definitely get past the door bitch dressed like this, but once dressed like this you couldn’t relax and just smile or chat, and all night long would just be miserable. Boohoo! Thank goodness I grew out of attitude.


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