Why isn’t it all about me???

So I went on vacation, came back really snotty and sounding like Debra Winger- ‘get in the truck, buuud….’ and basically have not been really able to operate heavy machinery while swilling nyquil and trying to focus. So I was really forward to a nice weekend in the Sewers Bordello.

I’ve cut out Mccalls 6395 in a (wait for it……..) cheetah print ultra suede. Shocking! I know the pattern calls for knit, but I think it’s roomy enough for this and it has a back zip- I think I’ll be ok, or we will just never speak of this again!

I’ve chosen the long sleeve version and I’m looking forward to trying the decorative zippers- time for a new skill, right?

But alas. The best laid plans of Mice and Anne. A co-worker has asked me to make her some doll clothing  for her grands and I am a sucker for a project that I am totally unprepared for! Want me to climb Everest with 20 minutes to prep? Sure. Need me to split that atom for you? Hey, I have no idea how, but I can wiki it, right? Sure, fine. I’m your gal. I’ll fit it in before my’ Foolish people who say yes alot’ support group meeting- which I’m in charge of refreshments for, by the way?! Since I’m also working sunday (yes, I volunteered) this just adding insult to injury. So yesterday I spent a good deal of time researching the measurements for Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins and shuffling thru the fat quarter stash that is hiding under the love seat. This made the dachshunds happy- they got to upend some boxes and run amuck. So good times for all! 

This makes me sad-  I haven’t sewn anything for little me since I made a brown corduroy Lisette jacket 3 weeks ago. I didn’t even put up a review, because it was so boring I almost fell asleep hemming it, but work demands we dress like we deliver packages. I need some creative stimulation and my selfish brain really prefers it be for me and not bitty baby! I’m developing a real grudge against Bitty Baby. Once more an inanimate object is my nemesis, so typical for me.

  If any of you know how big Bitty’s head is- let me know. I think all baby doll outfits need hats and I can’t find any measurements for their little noggins….

9 thoughts on “Why isn’t it all about me???

  1. I love your wild wit and repartee. Even when things are bad you make them sound funny – good for you! By the way, I’ve no idea who or what Bitty Baby is.
    Laugh on……


  2. Take a deep breath! Ok, I used to sew doll clothes like a mofo for friends and family. Bitty Baby is a pretty standard 15″ doll. Simplicity has a lot of patterns for them, the new one is 1952, which includes a doll carrier. 4268 is also designed especially for Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins. McCall’s 6233 in a size large will fit and includes a hat, and there are also cute styles in M 5774 and M 4338. Since you don’t own a doll, I think you’re better off going with a pattern. If this is for a young child, you probably want to use velcro for closures and leave dresses and shirts completely open in the back (for ease of dressing).

    Doll clothes are FUN. You get to put on all kinds of ridiculous decorations and bows. Great way to use up stash too. I recommend buying an 18 cm rotary cutter because the small size is great for cutting around all the tiny pieces. Let me know if you need any more tips….


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