Temperly London- Wearable Wednesday

I think I read somewhere in one of the deep tomes I thumb thru that Alice Temperly had been awarded Designer of the Year, maybe my BFF Pippa M told me- while we were getting waxed or taking out mailboxes with a baseball bat- I can’t remember, we are always together, you know.  

So let’s have a look at her work, shall we? I issue a serious turban warning for the faint of  heart at this time…….

I love the shoulders on this collection and as some of you know, covered buttons make me swoony.

Just lovely, don’t you think? I feel like I could be all sultry and mysterious in this collection. Or perhaps slutty and not too mysterious if I don’t get these lined…..

 I can’t leave it at this current collection, I really like this one from Fall2010- check out this jacket! 

Now a 2010 Spring since it’s my favorite:

What does everyone think? Now, Pippa, no monopolizing the comment section, let others get a turn!

Image credits: Style.com

14 thoughts on “Temperly London- Wearable Wednesday

  1. The turban, low neck and loose fabric of the top make me feel like it’s resort wear for some reason, like there should be a bathing suit under there but you want to look nice popping into the restaurant for lunch.

    I do like the flowy feel to it. Nice soft fabrics.


  2. Rowsella says:

    The first look makes me channel my inner Norma Desmond. I think I’ll whip something up similar just to vamp dramatically down my split level’s stairs and then try to drape myself glamorously on the microfiber recliner and may need a feather boa for the right effect….. I think I might need higher ceilings to do this right. I can rectify that by calling everyone “Dahlink” and asking for a martini.


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