Mccalls 6395- Who’s up for Feral February?

Since the dolls have stopped holding me hostage, I got to return to my work in the faux jungle. Mccalls 6395 hasn’t been reviewed very much and I thought it was really ginchy, so here we are:

I know it was supposed to be a moderate stretch knit pattern, but when have instructions ever been something essential? Really- what do we get from following instructions when glorious cheetah ultrasuede is calling you? It isn’t so closely fitted, so it really did work. The pattern also calls for exposed zippers, but for some reason, the husband just hates those. He makes watching Fashion Police very annoying with his complaints. So I bent to his whims (his only other vehement dislike is yoga pants as every day wear, so I can bend now and then) and did discreet little zips at the wrist and back. Designer details ahead:


I also didn’t line the sleeves- it was getting a little bulky and bending my arms is something I figured I’d do periodically while wearing it.

One of these days my 3 followers will open this up and see a non-animal print and I will be responsible for their heart attack demises and I will feel very bad about that, as I should, so don’t worry- I will issue a ‘Non-animal print spoiler alert’ early on. See, I’m responsible. Mom, can I get another dachshund now?

I’m thinking that my penchant for the faux animal should lead me to doing a huge group sew….I could have a little icon with Cruella deVille on it and we could call it Jungle January or Maneating March or Darwinian December.…..what do you think?

Who wants their blog to sport a ‘Sabor-toothed  Sartorialist- I’m sewing along’ button?

I’ll keep working on my graphics- don’t worry, it will be lovely!

20 thoughts on “Mccalls 6395- Who’s up for Feral February?

  1. Darwinian December! (I think I could rearrange my project queue for a title like that) I’m not sure cheetah ultrasuede has ever called my name, but I do have some fuzzy giraffe print waiting to be made into a cute jacket.
    Also, I really like this dress on you, it totally smooths out your curves. Hot mama!


  2. This dress looks so fab on you! Will never tire of animal print… so keep it coming! Such a lovely shape. Looks great with footless tights. Though Mr Ooobop! would never agree to that … or the exposed zipper funnily enough!


  3. Barbara Shovlin says:

    What a great dress…it can lend itself to varied accessories and being worn either casually or more formal wear….if you had added zippers, you would probably have been limited in how you would wear….wonderful job…love the red shoes … such a fun look!!!


  4. Looks awesome! I’ve decided I’m not that big a fan of exposed zippers either — they tend to look odd, feel rough and catch on things.

    I’m all for an animal print sew along, but do I even HAVE any animal print left? I’m in a polka-dot phase right now. i have a ridiculous amount of polka dots….. No wait, I have some zebra denim. I KNEW IT! Bring it on!


  5. I don’t know which I love more, the leopard tunic or your alliterations. Darwinian December is totally tickling me (natch), although it makes me think more of little footed fishies than animal print. Or finches. But I really have a soft spot for footed fishies.

    Ok, now I’m perilously close to wanting to sew footie pyjamas in a fish-scale-print velour. You’re a dangerous, dangerous lady…


  6. Never had the nerve to wear an animal print but I’ve just purchased a faux fur – does this count? Will you let me join in Darwinian December with this instead, please, please?


  7. I made this too but my version is alot calmer than yours…just a little leather trend instead! Love how you styled your version…the red shoes give it just the right kick!


  8. Just found your blog through Lauren’s (awesome) jacket post. Love the outfit! As someone with enough animal print to make a drag queen jealous, I’m so on board for a sew-a-long! I laughed about your “Non-animal print spoiler alert.” Sometime I wonder who on earth would want to read my blog when all I sew with is animal print…but then I just end up buying more. 🙂 Love your blog!


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