Wearable Wednesday gets Marching – A F Vandevorst

Catwalks can be dangerous- luckilly, this design group has found a way to make safety helmets chic and virtually unnoticeable! Phew- let the models rejoice!   It’s a well documented fact that head injuries kill more super models than corset injuries or sling back asphixiations. An outrage- please be sure to sign the petition I am emailing all of you.

I really like these- I like the cut, the fabrics, the excessive use of old band uniforms, the strapping- just the whole magilla. I can do without the chin straps, mind you, but hey- I think we’ve all noticed how windy these catwalks are getting.

I especially like the gun holster/dog walker dress suit below:  

 What does everyone think? I think my bestie Dita likes this collection- I think she’s with the band…. 

Photo Credits: Style.com, gofugyourself.com

10 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday gets Marching – A F Vandevorst

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    I actually do like 2 and 3…they are so well put together and such detail…but I too especially like the rust colored “dog walking” number….just love the print and the flowing lines…thanks for sharing


  2. You know, I love the colors….and that’s pretty much it. And poor Dita! Wearing that corset all crooked like that! She should fire whomever helps her get into these outfits, that’s just not right!


  3. I love the colours, the monochromatic look is something that I like. I would take the Coco stance of removing just one scarf, eppaulette, whatever to simplify the outfits a bit. And that’s after removing head gear.


  4. This whole post has me laughing out loud this morning. Catwalk hilarity! I do love #4 though and think I might just look for a pattern in order to knock it off. @LeanneT-yes, band uniforms, how apt.


  5. I do love all the military details, the fabric, et cetera. The headgear is weird, but I totally ignore models above the neck anyway. Am constantly baffled by magazine editorials on how to get runway makeup/hair — who cares?

    I’m tempted to do a band jacket now….hmm….


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