Friday Lisette Recap

I am not a big Black Friday shopper- too many years in retail have made me feel it’s cruelty. I’d rather avoid the whole consumer rat trap and hide at home. So I planned a few projects in the Sewer’s Bordello- between laundry cycles. How do two people make so much laundry. I need to come home at odd times and see if I can catch those dachshunds wearing my things. That’s the only reasonable explanation I can come up with.
Anyhoo….I still love the girlish simplicity of the Simplicity Lisette line. Today I touched up a jacket and made a top using 2209 and 2059 respectively:

I used a narrow wale bown corduroy for the jacket- I love some corduroy! I lined it with a quilters cotton for that element of daring that only quilters cotton can achieve!

The top I have been plotting over and I think i found just the thing- the front is very basic- just bust darts and a round neck ,so this print gives it a little something without the back getting too muddled- I insist you sit down- I followed the bself-bias tape neckline instructions! So proud I am. So proud.

I know these two pieces aren’t exactly seting the world on fire skill-wise, but I really need staples in the closet and I feel like today I struck a blow against consumerist and that gioves me the piety/frisky combo I love best!

Good day to you all!

photo credits: little me and the NY Public Library Archives

13 thoughts on “Friday Lisette Recap

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    What a great job of sewing in one day….love them both. The collar and lining of the corduroy is super…love the corduroy myself. The print is very sharp…unusual…like it. I too avoid “Black Friday”….this year I hear they got pepper sprayed at Walmart!!


  2. Admission: I do Black Friday shopping, but it’s mostly for other people. I leave JoAnn’s for last as an incentive to myself — this year I picked up zippers, buttons and thread. Now I’m dying to sew but I’m too tired!


  3. OH, and I forgot to say that I love your top and jacket! The fabric really makes that blue top. I actually have that pattern, but I thought it looked a bit dull in the package. Your version makes it look so much more chic.


  4. That top looks great! I have been wanting to see someone make it up, I love the fabric you picks out, very chic and different from the plain cotton they display it in.


  5. This year, for the first time ever, I worked in retail on Black Friday. Fortunately I work at Hobby Lobby and we didn’t have any big Black Friday sales. In fact we didn’t really experience Black Friday at all. I was quite bored at times because we had all hands on deck. However, we had Black Saturday. Evidently all the crazy shoppers went to the big Black Friday sales and saved us for the next day.

    I do agree that Black Friday, and Black Thursday, are a prime evidence of consumerism destroying the real meaning of Christmas. Hooray for all who avoid it! If you want more of my thoughts on the subject I have an alternate blog


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