Wearable Wednesday- Custo Barcelona

I like the nostaglic sense of this group- the sleek retro feel.

I’m sure this is just how cool my high school boyfriend and I looked together…in our minds..

Dads everywhere rejoice at the stylishness of the black sock and shorts combo!

These next two I really love for the piecing and femininity of them….

This one is about patterns for me and their sometimes unfortunate placement- I’m back in High School again as the uterus drawing from Health Class rears it’s ugly head:

Thoughts from you?

Photo Credits: Style.com

15 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Custo Barcelona

  1. Love the check trousers. Which is odd for me. I don’t really do ‘strides’! I also like the piecing and the style of the middle dress. Just made a toile out of mismatched fabric and coupled with this image in mind I’d love to create something similar. I think I’ll stick to a neckline more decent than the last though…. that might create a bit of a stir at the office! Unless of course she’s wearing it back to front! (Call me old fashioned!!)


  2. Barbara Shovlin says:

    I am a fool for a good plaid…so luv the look…the classic cardigan is perfect. Also, luv #4….detail is superb. Black socks/tennis shoes: I think it is part of the “geek/bad boy genre”…sort of like short tight pants!!!!! Thanks for sharing


  3. My grandma used to tell me that if I couldn’t say anything nice…..oh, wait! I’m intrigued by the shoes on the first model. Do you suppose they are made of stainless steel? I mean, look how shiny they are!


  4. I’m sorry, I got distracted by bum cheek on the model walking away in the third picture…

    Right, focus. I do like the peachy coloured dress. The men just distract me from whatever the women are wearing. I don’t want to see anyone in the first sheer shirt and I sure don’t want to see the shorts (nor socks and shoes) of the second.


  5. I like the uterus dress. But then I’m odd, and I’d wear it with the knowledge that I’m freaking people out. “Don’t look — that girl has an uterus dress!” DO NOT like the matchy-matchy models — there is no venue in which me dressing like the Hubs or vice versa is going to look right.


  6. “And now, class, if you’ll direct your attention to my dress, I’ll show you where a uterus and ovaries are….”

    That dress was made specifically for the health teacher. Is there a matching outfit for a male health teacher?


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