Because idle hands are the Devil’s picnic Basket….

The above is a lovely 3/4 length coat I’ve been working on from Sew Serendipity, I’ve gotten to the ‘lets embellish’ stage and have to leave her on Twiggy for a few days while I think about it. The idea of dark grey grosgrain ribbon trim is hitting me with flat-finish silver buttons or toggles, perhaps. I’m being cautious- this collar can go ‘twee’ in a heartbeat if I go too cutesy…so I pause as Tim Gunn would have me do- for reflection and editorial thought. Ideas are always welcomed.

I’ve been thinking alot about a blog I love and a post Peggy put up about pillow case dresses- being a very self indulgent beastie, this post has really made me think and this week the dachshie’s and I rooted thru the fat quarter stashes and gathered up enough fabric for 8 dresses to start with and I’ve been having a lot of fun mixing and matching and playing. Maybe this doing things for other people isn’t as wrenching and painful as I’d imagined. I’ve moved the cat so you can see some of my planning stages:

I hope I can trust you to ignore the candy, multiple remotes, stray livestock and various rubble in the picture! But if you also feel charitable and want to come over and put up my chair rail, thats just fine….

I’ve been noticing alot of Sewists list what their personal DJ is playing while they work – This week on the tv in the Sewer’s Bordello: Ken Burn’s Prohibition!

Yes, this my family at Thanksgiving. I am of course the one in the leopard print shirtwaist.  

Photo credits: Little me, NY Public Libray photo archive

14 thoughts on “Because idle hands are the Devil’s picnic Basket….

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Love the print for your coat…like the idea of the grosgrain ribbon.. Your fabrics for making “pillowcase dresses” are so fresh and lively. I know the girls who receive will cherish. I will certainly check out the above web site and also the ” Dress a Girl Around the World” web site. A very worthwhile way to use anyone’s sewing skills and leftover material to make young women who have very little feel special. Thanks for sharing…


  2. Boring history moment here — one of the reasons Prohibition had so much support with the ladies was because of the strong link between alcohol and domestic violence. They were probably cranky/dour-faced because they got smacked around a few too many times.

    Now I want one of those pictures to hang up in my “family gallery.” Ha.

    I love that jacket, but I can see why you would worry about looking “twee.” I think the toggles sound great, but I would avoid doing any ruffles or gathers in the trimming.


  3. The pillowcase project! You know, I found out about it a few months ago, and tried to get involved, but never heard back from the contact. Hrmph. Maybe I should follow up.


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