The $4 Duck Duster in a field of Lavender

So when  I go to my special happy place-  I have three, you know- one of them features me with flowing hair, slim hips and I’m in a field of lavendar with my fully-housebroken dachsies. We are cavorting and basically creating envy with our perfect skin and loveliness. Sometimes Colin Firth is holding one of the dachsies or dark chocolates…..Oh, I know, it’s a Lancome ad in my head, but it makes me feel peaceful.  Usually I am wearing something Sew Serendipity. Until this week I have only pawed thru the book and fantasized about how lovely I would look in well- coordinated peasantish attire. Then the Hancock fabric $4 duck came into my possession and a duster was my new plan.

Behold!  Can you see the lavender? Can you feel the wind blowing thru the perfectly groomed and Westminster-worthy coats of Liesl and Bruderlein? Ahhh…..Now my $4 Duck Duster is making me very happy, but I will admit to some issues:

I have some fitting issues stemming from one of my shoulders being a little higher than the other- stop picturing Quasimodo! It makes collars set funny sometimes and I end up placing them ala eyeball instead of by the markings, but it worked out. A lining will definitely happen next time- I’ve done a full lining, but not a lining with self-facing and it was too much for my little brain this weekend.  I chose to just make it meet at the front with a lovely metal clasp, so now one of my decorative flaps- stop picturing my decorative flaps! Is slightly off, but I will fix that this evening. I did a little improvisation on the cuffs and I like it and Bruderlein says it isn’t too scratchy!

24 thoughts on “The $4 Duck Duster in a field of Lavender

  1. Lynn says:

    Personally, I’m impressed with almost anything you do since my sewing ability extends as far as hemming a straight line. Well, a straight-ish line…..


  2. Looks great! If the flaps are wonky, perhaps putting a second clasp on underneath the first will help? I always find that a single closure tends to pull a bit. That said, the color and styling are gorgeous and very you!

    I have to admit, when I saw the title, my brain first went to the old Daffy Duck cartoons with “Duck Dodgers” — although I can’t imagine him standing in a field of lavender, LOL.


  3. I love the fabric, and the collar… my springy jacket last year was very inspired by one of the Sew Serendipity designs. One of these days I will probably weaken and buy the book, sigh.

    Linings (even with facings) are not that scary. You can do it! 🙂


  4. That amount of style at a mere $4?! You deserve another pair of those shoes, madame. You & the pups & the jacket look great! I’ve never heard of Sew Serendipity, but of course now I will investigate.


  5. Ruby the Super Dachshuind says:

    I hear what you say about sewing a straight hem……I use my limited skills for my woodworking……also, your dachshunds ROCK! Very pretty…..


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