Wearable Wednesday on advisement from the British Fashion Industry: Christopher Kane

The British Fashion Awards honored Christopher Kane with their ‘New Establishment Award’ this year so I thought that we should all take a look. From Spring 2012 RTW:

  I like the origami intricacies of the garments, but they can get a little snoozy as a collection- I guess I need rich textures or craziness to get my vote. I have seen too much!

Maybe if they let me touch them- the fabric looks fun to play with….

This makes me think of those pillows with the flower heads pressed between 2 pieces of chiffon…so Target Dorm room 2003…but oddly, I’m wanting it.

Vassar Girl Walk of Shame?

What do you think of all this genius? Do you feel it? If these bodices get more complicated, Vogue Patterns will hire him…

Photo credits: Style.com

14 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday on advisement from the British Fashion Industry: Christopher Kane

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Love the grey/flowered print…yellow pansy .. perfect! Sad to say, as I look at the others, I see the Paltrow’s head smirking at me…


  2. I love the skirt in the second from the bottom, and I would potentially wear the last one. The second one is completely unflattering–if it doesn’t look good on a pencil thin model, there’s no way it’s going to look good on anyone else. It’s like a burlap sack…but worse.


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