Pattern of the year voting makes me feel Beige…..

So I was really excited to see the patterns up for Pattern of The Year 2011 on Pattern Review. I admit that I was gidddy (yup ‘ddd’ giddy. It’s a higher level) at the idea that some of my reviews would get the little banner and I would feel special and elite!

Then  I saw the comments. I now feel sort of pedestrian in my tastes. ‘The patterns were boring’, ‘the patterns were all dresses’, ‘the patterns were things that only Anne liked’…..I’ve spent a year or so gathering basics and enjoying making Lisettes in fun fabrics and of course making the world safe for more faux animals as I eased myself back into the sewing pool and remembered lost skills and added new ones.   I’d like to say my pattern stash is full of intricate Japanese origami cantilevered artistry and when I walk thru an art gallery in my creations people try to bid on me. But um, no. I have a limited lifestyle. I wear scrubs to work and most of my socializing is about jeans and a frisky top. The Ihop is really not the place for a Daphne Guinness style retrospective!

Granted, I want to be that girl, I just can’t reconcile it to my reality yet! After I was over thinking that all of sewingdom thought I was lame for having all of these styleless patterns I thought about why I sew.

I need a creative outlet and I need clothes! I’m shallow and need new pretty, shiny objects all the time!!! You may not know this, but I am no size 4. I want the clothes I want in my size.

But mostly, the economy has made me much more aware of where my money goes and buying mass produced poorly made unlined garments is not as appealing as it was when I was young and foolish and didn’t mind disposable clothing.

 So I think my point is, if I can actually claim to have one-  it appears that we may be having another social shift. These patterns must be popular and oft-reviewed for a reason.

People used to sew by necessity, then it shifted to sewing to create art, now a lot of people seem to be sewing to take back the art of clothing and design and keep a ruthless industry at bay. This year I’ve seen some amazing things made out of curtains, bed spreads and fleecy dog beds. Ok, I made up the dog bed one- but if you feel like taking on the challenge- I will post your fido frock any time!

There is a happy medium here. Sewing for economy can also be sewing to show off your art. We can do both and some of my favorite bloggers do. So if your pattern isn’t on the list of nominations be happy- you are too avant-garde to be duplicated, but let me enjoy my little banner on my  review! I never won any awards in school- I was busy being surly and misunderstood.

20 thoughts on “Pattern of the year voting makes me feel Beige…..

  1. Thanks for drawing my attention to the comments listed on PR. I voted, and moved on. But going back to read the comments made me realize what an insular group we are there. I mean, really…just because we made up a pattern numerous times, it is a “Best Pattern of 2011”? Let’s rename the contest, or fine tune the criteria. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy reading about *your* Lisettes and I’ll continue sewing casual tops from Vogue. Pedestrian by other’s standards? oh well.


  2. Well, only one I have made for ‘little-‘ol-me’ hit the mark in the best of the best this year. Maybe I need to tweak my chic in the styling section of life.
    But to lift my spirits somewhat, 4 of the patterns I had whipped up for 18 year old daughter seemed to hit the mark this year. Is it (heaven forbid!) and age thing, or a size thing, or a thing I am just not aware of????

    It will be interesting to see which are the last 10 still standing for 2011…


  3. I actually saw about 6 patterns on the list that I have made this year, 2 of which are Lisettes. I can understand a few of the comments about no pants or jackets but on another note, I have to admit when I sew its mostly cute dresses! Cute, but functional I might add. I wasn’t disappointed with the selection, and I agree with you totally- sewing patterns don’t need to be off the wall or uber outside the box to deserve awards. I definitely voted!


  4. PR is kind of… well.. for one, there’s a fairly strong “anti-blog” group… I could see it was happening, kind of smacked of sour grapes but what can you do? So I think there’s some pretty insular sewing going on there, too.

    But the MAIN reason I quit bothering with PR much is because I’d make goooooorgeous, well-made, flattering, time consuming projects for contests and get shafted… The last time, it was a lined jacket contest.. The pattern that won was a collarless, open front thing that didn’t even have buttons! WTF.

    Ok, ok… I’m not bitter. 😉

    I have a casual life. But I like to wear interesting clothes… I figure it’s too short not to wear the stuff I want to….. When I was a kid, mom used to make sure I wore normal clothes to school. As a teenager, I wore a lot of theatre-costume-shop cast offs and disposable clothing… Now I’m a certified “Grown Up” I figure I can do precisely as I please (clothing-wise). My husband doesn’t mind, in fact he’s something of an enabler…


  5. Please, please don’t change just to please the masses. The home sewers need you, bloggers need you, the world needs you. Keep your integrity. I didn’t vote – nothing to vote for. I don’t care – please yourself not anybody else. Sew what YOU want to not what someone else thinks you should. Pink, I like you, I love your attitude, I covert what you sew. Happy?


  6. I let my PR membership lapse because I only used it to read reviews, but I do think I should rejoin. However, I’m the kind of person who is ALL OVER the boring patterns. Really awesome, interesting origami-like designs come with two problems — first, you’re not likely to make it more than once so it doesn’t lend itself to being a TNT and second, they usually have to be muslined out the wazoo. Which I don’t have time for. Besides, I like simple lines on other people so I can picture the design on myself.

    I make mostly separates — boring casual separates, enlivened by my choice of fabric — because that’s what my lifestyle calls for. You should make the things that work for YOU, not for the random people on PR who have different priorities. And yes, those voting things are a total popularity contest. You were expecting us all to have matured past high school? Tsk.


  7. I am firmly in the “boring” group when it comes to the things I sew. I try to be realistic about what I’m going to actually get a lot of wear out of, and since fashion is so fleeting, why would I spend lots of time on something to have it be awkwardly out of fashion in a few short weeks/months? I’d rather make something that flatters my also-not-a-size-4 body…..or at least I give it my best shot. 😉

    I like sewing because it’s a creative outlet that is also useful. I follow your blog because I love your quirky writing style and I like to see your interpretations of patterns. So, ya know, don’t go changing on me. 😉


  8. Thanks for your post. I voted early and hadn’t noticed that since then PR has added a ‘choose your favourite Big 4 and Independent pattern’ vote, so I’ve gone back and added those. I’ll be interested to see how those contests turn out.


  9. I didn’t vote because I hadn’t made any of the patterns in the running, not because I think they’re boring – I have some of them – I just haven’t gotten around to making them! So I was a little disappointed, but I’ll go back and have another look. I didn’t even know there was a comment section.
    Anyways, it’s not the patterns fault for being boring, it’s the person who made it! It’s so easy to make your patterns fashionable and fun, like animal prints!


  10. I was frankly underwhelmed at the selection of patterns. Was it all dresses? I don’t wear dresses but I agree beige it was. Didn’t seem right to vote since I haven’t made any of the patterns shown nor am I likely too.
    I try to make things that are enhanced by horse slobber and a never ending supply of dog hair. Hmm making something from one of THEIR beds…instead of letting them make a bed from one of my things. Novel, I might have to try it. 😉


  11. mrsmole says:

    The Best of Pattern selection was blah blah blah…where are patterns that reflect interesting women who have style and pizazz? I made a dress for a client recently and after basting that sucker together I realize that NONE of the seams match up and it is a challenge to alter to look decent – so much for Easy Options Vogue. Those women who made it up already blissfully entered a grand review but failed to mention the crappy seam lines so, so much for giving a review and recommendation!
    I want clothes that are kooky, interesting and say “Hey this woman has an opinion!”, not “This is the best I could do to cover my butt/tummy/droopy bust”.


  12. Beige with animal print, maybe 🙂 I didn’t vote because (despite having gone to the anniversary party recently) I spend very little to no time on PR. Someone who’s someone will see that and hate me, but that’s okay. I’m with you on the happy medium, and feel I sew for both economy and creativity, and fit. Stay true to your tried & trues!


  13. I have the SAME issue!! My lifestyle does not require silk sheath dresses and 4 inch heels. Which I frolick about the city in whilst my buddies snap really kick ass photos of me 😦 Hell, I rarely even sew from a pattern. I sew for me. And I’m happy with that.


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