Mccalls 6470 A Semi-Sheer Diversion

So you know I’m not totally locked into worrying about making a garment look like the picture on the envelope- that harshes my art, man. Ahem, cough, cough. Ok, sometimes they do, sometimes the fabric tells you what it feels like doing.

 I can’t stand here all day defending my craft like a kid showing off his sketch of what is SO obviously a dragon and some people (insert my Mother here) just don’t get it?! Thats so limiting! So onward, right?  I had this fabric as part of the amazing and never ending Deanna fabric stash and I think it is quite blousey- tho sheer and it says peasanty, drapey fun thing to me. Of course the fabric talks, right? You know it does!

Sorry the picture is so dark- a meteor was about to strike the earth- or my husband had the settings wrong. Whatevs. A  perfect opportunity to practice my seam finishes while I find a therapist willing to spend an hour with me and my serger.  I’m pleased to announce that the insides of this top are as pretty as the outside- look Mom, I made french seams- well, I didn’t sew them down flat, I didn’t want the top stitching  look on this- so formal- so unpeasanty!


Theres your gratuitous pup shot of Bruderlein and Katze.

So here is my little list of changes:

Well, most obvious would be the jellyfish decorative bow. I just felt it needed something and the fabric was to lightweight for one of the brooches I got at the Elizabeth Taylor auction last week- I’ll save that for another outfit!

I also thought the crinkly sheer fabric didn’t lend itself to all that top stitching, so I let the collar and cuffs be a little  more unstructured. Because that’s what the fabric said to do! I hand stitched the cuffs and collar under on the inside and I like it’s rolling look.

Also, I gathered the material over the shoulders instead of using the patterns pleats. It stood up in little peaks like I’d let it dry on a hanger- you know the look, right? So I sent for the more smooth laying alternative.

Last- I cut off about 4 inches on the hem- there is belted tunic, then there is Grannies nightshirt, you know?

22 thoughts on “Mccalls 6470 A Semi-Sheer Diversion

  1. deanna says:

    So Lovely! And makes me feel less guilty about my fabric hoarding tendencies when pretty fabric gets the love and attention it deserves!


  2. This is a gorgeous top. Just lovely. Don’t you love…. and nice french seams, lovely bow. Gorgeous. You see I’m a little scared of french seams! Sergers – no worries. Funny huh? PS cute doggies too.


  3. KC says:

    “that harshes my art”! LOL. Folks around here are about to get very tired of hearing me say that. You are so funny!
    And that’s a very pretty blouse.


  4. The fabric talks!!! The patterns talks!!! The whole sewing room talks – “Will you come into my parlour …” Ohhh, an adventure – No, it’s a trap!!! You will never be seen again until you listen to the fabric… and a great top is born…


  5. This looks great! It’s always smart to listen to the fabric and make the necessary changes — patterns can be beaten into submission, but not fabric so much. The top is really gorgeous on you and I didn’t look at it and think “too nightgown-y” which is always a risk with peasant blouses.


  6. Jennifer says:

    I’m still fairly new to sewing and having trouble with the collar on M6470 (view A) – any suggestins or tips? The directions just aren’t making sense to me.


  7. It’s done like a bias tape edging- so it’s sewn to the outside then flipped over and caught on the inside. Then they top stitched it in multiple rows so it looks nothign like what you se in the instructions. I winged it and left mine sort of puffy to match the fabrics crinkle texture. What are you using?


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