A Holiday Wearable Wednesday! Carlos Miele

Carlos Miele’s prefall 2012 collection is making me feel very festive and seasonal. My round of holiday events and soirees is very similiar to the Duchess of Cambridge, so here are my picks for this holidays round of parties and events:

I’m bringing those little tiny crockpot sausages to a party in this with matching oven mitts by Prada:

This is a perfect match for my cranberry-mango jello mold I feel hgomeless people on Christmas Eve:

My Mother in laws annual stocking exchange and garage clean up will be the perfect place to wear this:

I’ll pop out to get more pecans and condensed milk at the bi-lo in this:

I’ll take the dachsies to Petsmart for their holiday photos in this:

 And I will fight another shopper for the last Rock & Roll Elmo at the Walmart in this:

What will you do ill-advised holiday acts in this year?

Photo credits: Style.com

15 thoughts on “A Holiday Wearable Wednesday! Carlos Miele

  1. Out of this year’s Wearable Wednesdays – is this collection the most wearable? Reconsider wearing No 4 to Walmart instead of 6 – you could hide Elmo in the skirt hem and still look bored.


  2. This collection is surprisingly wearable. That peacock blue number in the third picture is my favorite, hands down, but I also like the one right below it–though would prefer it in a brilliant emerald green. I think the first dress could be pretty in a color not designed to stalk deer, perhaps a rich wine color? I’m just not sure about the patchwork-y quilt neckline thing going on in the second to last one….perhaps if the colors were less bland? And UGH, the last one didn’t inspire me when it came out in the Burda mag a year or so ago, and it still doesn’t inspire me.


  3. mrsmole says:

    They are so flattering and feminine but I would be wearing the cranberry-mango jello dress to have dinner with my aging cranky parents.They will be moaning about their dull lives as they reach 90 but with their snouts in the trough gulping down food and spilling down the front of themselves.The whining will continue for 2 hours or more and more food dribbled down the from of them, salad dressing, soup, meat gravy and of course gooey dessert so when they finally get up to leave my dress will match their outfits.


  4. I like all of them except the last dress, which looks like two different dresses spliced together in the middle. Nothing knocks my socks off, though. I think I would want the pecans and condensed milk dress, but in the same color/print as the cranberry-mango jello mold dress.

    Hence why I sew.

    My holiday events involve exactly one dress, and it has to go from church to Grandma’s for pizza and cookies to sitting on the floor gift-wrapping. Taffeta and moire are not happening around here.


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