Born to be Mild

Mr B and I have discovered Sons of Anarchy. So we’ve spent a few weeks renting, borrowing and DVR’ing to get up to speed on the intricate world of Motorcycle Clubs. See? I said club, not gang- cuz I’m totally saavy to the culture. Oh, yeah, thats me. Up until now, my biker knowledge was formed at the feet of the great Erik Von Zipper!

Yes, the ruffian that terrorized Frankie and Annette. Now I’m totally cool and up on the lifestyle and politics. I only have one question that I would like to ask Clay and Gemma. Is vigilantism a moral and ethical approach to maintaining a lifestyle and does peace thru any mean necessary really reflect the personal freedoms you hold so dear  Ok, no. Thats not it. You know by now that I am far to shallow for such. Did I fool you for a minute? What I want to know, Gemma, is whats with the lack of print clothing? I get all the reaper images and the crosses, cool, sure, but hey- how about some gothic prints? Burnouts, something?! Somber animal prints? I’m not saying full on Lily Pulitzer, but honey- is there a rule against it? I know I sound like my mother when I was working in theatre- ‘It’s a nice day out, why all the black?’

So Gemma in honor of you- I am working on my own bit of biker culture. A biker jacket homage. But Anne-fied.

I am enjoying the irony of a pattern by the ever so creepy Suede having anything to do with Sons of Anarchy- that just adds to my fun and proves my lack of ‘street cred’.

So does this piece of floral upholstery fabric mid-sacrifice! 

This will be my first attempt at an angled seperating zipper- so if you hear wailing- thats just me. Extreme pocket closeup ( tho you shouldn’t get in my face- I’m tough now)  

Happy Holidays Everyone and remember- if you need a tough looking gal to intimidate anyone who has designs on your lunch money, I won’t be done with this until at least after Christmas!

Photo credits: little me, google images, Simplicity

20 thoughts on “Born to be Mild

  1. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Being a Sons convert myself….love your post. You have so nailed the look with pattern. Can’t wait. Photo of Gemma actually resembles S Palin. when she is doing her “biker” look!! re: lack of color/prints…I have noticed most of the “crime” or edgy shows are that way. Your print creation and the sewing are absolutely outstanding….just beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and yours…..Peace on Earth!!!!


  2. I loved Frankie & Annette movies! When I was about 15 one of the local stations played movies every afternoon in the summer and they did a stretch of those beach movies. I loved the Rat Pack, you are mine idol. 😉

    I haven’t watched Sons, but that’s going to be a great jacket. I look forward to seeing the ongoing progress.


  3. OH MAN, I have that pattern! I’ve been pulling it out of the drawer, gripping it in my sweaty little hands, then putting it back because I’m too afraid to commit. I’ll be watching your progress.

    That is one KICK-ASS pocket, and the fabric looks great. Can’t wait to see this!


  4. LOL! when you guys run through SOA, try The Wire or Deadwood. 🙂
    Great pattern, I can’t wait to see the finished jacket..maybe you need a Harley to go with it. Or do you have one?
    I agree, Suede is creepy.
    Merry Happy!


  5. aliesje says:

    love this pattern, and i’m planning on picking it up on boxing day. So excited that you’re making it, and can’t wait to see how it turns out!


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