Wearable Wednesday says ‘Woof!’ to Zac Posen

This week I asked the Dachsies who they wanted to see for Wearable Wednesday. They took a meeting and returned with a unanimous decision: Zac Posen. They raved about his talent, his innovations, his incredible taste! Yes, he has a long-haired black and tan…..

He also designs some pretty frisky frocks- lets take a dachshund approved look:

I think Dita Von Teese’s pups might like Posen too- this is all feeling very 50’s Vogue-y Glam Auntie Mame-y. Which I love, but don’t have the life for! Oh, heck- I don’t even have the hangers for that life!

Oooh! Pockets- and you can fit a dog in each sleeve!  

So- tails up or down on this PreFall 2012 collection?

photo credits: Style.com, google images

16 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday says ‘Woof!’ to Zac Posen

  1. I have to say that the daschies have pretty decent taste. I’d love to have the skirt from the first picture! And the wine colored dress too….(I’m a bit of a sucker for velvet–weird, I know!)


  2. Guess I can just look, and sigh, at these nostalgic designs – have a feeling they might be just out of my price range!!! For a young designer he certainly has put a modern twist into his thought process – look, not a boob flashing in one of them!!! My vote will be with the smart and sassy dogs…


  3. This is a wonderfully wearable collection. I would love, though, to see models do more than look arrogant. There was a little Cruella DeVille in some of those poses. I absolutely can see myself knocking off the black dress with applique.


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