You say you want a resolution…..

This year was a year of firsts for me. Well, jumps and starts, really. Mid-year I decided that the best sewing on earth was sewing for me. So by the power vested in me I declare 2012 to be:


I ruthlessly plan to increase my stash- all the better to start foolish projects and make them work with my lifestyle. Bilo in a tutu- you betcha!

I vow to sew my first of hopefully many vintage patterns and wear them! I want to be on We Sew Retro this year in the most foolish picture possible.

I want  to sew a really good pair of pants and work on sewing more coordinates.

I want no more UFO’s in my workroom, I want to find viable solutions to my sewing dilemnas and not waste any more precious textiles!

I also want to fully line some things and go back and fix some things that were ok, but not perfect- so it doesn’t end up in the bin. 

Mostly I want to sew fearlessly. Let no instructions or negative opinions stop my quest.

So please come along for the ride- it may not always be pretty but it will always be a little different!

Photo credits: NY Library photo archive

16 thoughts on “You say you want a resolution…..

  1. mrsmole says:

    Let’s all be like the honey badger: that I mentioned in my blog towards our sewing and disregarding comments from others. 2012 is our year to shine and create with wild abandon! What have you been storing to someday get around to? Vintage, heirloom, antique pieced or smocked garments…hidden away gorgeous silks or velvets…it’s time to try new techniques and spread your wings! I’m with you Prtty!


  2. Fun `! Will you be trying to style your finished products as in the manner above – I do believe daschunds have extremely strong spines and could be made to look like a crocodile( but what is the relevance of the sailor sui ton the little girl – I don`t understand that part- or is it that the crocodile is modelling its latest accessory ) . Also a little feathered number would be very useful in one`s wardrobe – for all the times you forget milk and just need to fly down to the shops.
    Looking forwards to more of your creations and grievances.


  3. Ah, sewing as a metaphor for life! This is the theme that keeps appearing to me so far in 2012. Thank you for the inspiration! I aim to live and sew fearlessly this year, too!


  4. Kat H says:

    Fabulous resolution! Love it! I’m looking forward to seeing what you make, and what crazy poses you appear on We Sew Retro in. 🙂


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