Simplicity 2056- Oh Baby you’re so vicious!

**Fair Warning: I’m about to overuse the phrase Bad-Ass! **

Just try to take this lolly away- I so dare you!

This weekend I finished my Upholstery Biker Jacket- then I wore it to see ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and surprisingly wasn’t struck by lightning. I wasn’t trying to be themey- Lord no- Lisabeth is no floral gal! I am just instant gratification girl and new things must be instantly worn- like a kid on Christmas sweating away in a new snow suit all thru breakfast- because by God it was new!!!!

The pattern was very straightforward- ok, Suede, I’ll give you that round, but I still think you have creepy blue Hitler hair!

A biker mystery has been solved for me- for all the boxiness of the style, you don’t get a lot of width across the back of this jacket. So this is not the jacket for competitive archery activities and I now understand why the guys on Sons of Anarchy have some personal vendetta against sleeves- you really need the boxy armsyces unimpeded for serious bad ass biker moves.

 As crazy as it may seem, I think I’ll get alot of use out of this- as soon as I put it on I thought of Lous Reed’s lyrics:

‘Vicious! You hit me with a flower- You do it every hour. Oh, Baby you’re so vicious…’ 

Mr Reed- will you play this post out for us in honor of my newfound bad-assitude? Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Simplicity 2056- Oh Baby you’re so vicious!

  1. Awesome! You had me laughing at the “personal vendetta against sleeves.” They ARE restrictive.

    I’m glad to hear the pattern was straightforward! The upholstery fabric is lovely — how would you describe the weight? I’m considering making this jacket in either denim or a felted wool, but the felted wool is heavy and I’m not sure how easy it would be to put in the pockets or other details.


  2. What gorgeous fabric! And what a great way to keep it from being too upholstery and ‘sweet’!

    Steph of 3HoursPast and I were discussing embroidered fabrics that we liked and didn’t find twee (and they can be hard to find) but yours definitely qualifies as most scrumptious and not at all twee!


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