Preen-ing with Wearable Wednesday

Ah, this collection is new-  I know we’re all tired of looking at all those stone age collections from 4 months ago- gracious- so de trop! let’s peer thru our opera glasses at a design team  that refers to as ‘.. a fashion-loving professional woman’s go-to…’ Here are some standouts worn by what appears to be aslightly  angry Kirstin Dunst!

For me these seem to be very basic shapes invigorated by interesting fabric choices.

Look it’s sort of Lisette! I really like this one- the lace pop is very frisky.

This next one is for the working Woman in the Matrix.

Final favorite: work that color blocking ladies!

As a side note- I looked up celebrities in Preen and found the Gwyneth, the Hathaway, a Fergie and a Winehouse. Not quite what I was expecting!  

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17 thoughts on “Preen-ing with Wearable Wednesday

  1. The blue one at the top is awesome fabric. Too bad about the white bandage. I agree about the model’s look…her ponytail is pulled too tight. My mum used to do that to me.

    Thanks for posting on my blog. Yours looks like a fun blog to read. I shall have to waste time/ no… catch up with it one of these days when I am trying to avoid something else again. 🙂 I love the humour.

    also I read the PR pattern voting post. LOL I was trying to work out how to fit in while still being a person who doesn’t own a pattern! (I recently gave them all to the National Needlework Archive to archive or to sell for funds) I would rather draft one than adapt it. and to be honest, I would never make it like it said anyway. I started off doing that in my teens, so I guess I won’t change now.

    So, maybe I will just be a quiet nuisance rather than try harder to fit in. ;-P
    Sandy in the UK


  2. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Like the print and lines on the first one….but the white accents? remind me of surgery….I too love the lace cuffed number and can so see Joan Holloway in the color block dress…


  3. There’s something strangely untidy-looking about most of those to my mind but I can’t quite put my finger on why. The orange colour is great but is that skirt slightly transparent or just the way the light’s falling on it?


  4. I have to say, the only one I truly like is the blue with the lace, although kudos on that beautiful orange fabric. If you break down on the highway, they’ll find you PDQ. Might be the go to dress for hiking in the woods in November too.
    The color block number makes her look like her head is floating above a surgically sliced torso and all I want to do is draw a belly button on the white bandage and blue
    dress. How silly.


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