Wearable Wednesday pitches some Wu….

I’ve been more exposed to Jason Wu’s doll designs, but since this is post-Golden Globes week we need to celebrate the wearings of those more fortunate than us- the Hollywood glamouratti. Let’s start with this nifty coat- that may or may not convert to an owl costume in just two moves:

This styling of this collection is making think of Lisabeth Salander and Wallis Simpson fused- maybe from Madonna’s next film- ‘The Girl with the 3 Feathers Tattoo’ :

Oh- color of the year sighting ahead!

I want this coat…even more than the owl one…..and the shoes too.

A very good collection for coats!

 Your thoughts?

photo credits: Style.com

31 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday pitches some Wu….

  1. Oh wow… I want that dress, second down and the one sporting flashes of that ubiquitous pantone colour! None too sure I could carry off the owl jacket but the last coat is very lovely… a kind of glamourous Miss Marple!


  2. Very nice, I like seeing sleeves and I think those sheer sleeves on the black number make it so much more interesting. There is a Vogue pattern with quite similar lines as that coat you love…hmmm. I’ll try to find it and come back with it.


  3. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Very, very nice…love the detail on the first jacket, but my personal favorite is the last one..so Rachel Berry! Also, love the checked dress with just that flash of color which oddly enough is same shade as the Southern Nectarine Fizz paint in our bathroom. Really all are great…thanks for keeping me informed on what is happening in fashion!!!!


  4. I am lusting after the black gown with the red on it. And oddly enough, I had basically the exact same thought about the owl coat as you–“wow, this really looks more like a bird costume than a coat…” LOL!


  5. The black dress and the last coat are my favourites. Some of the others I like, but not on me. Black pockets on a bust that needs an FBA is not a good idea, although I like the rest of the dress. I would wear something like that to work (sans pockets) but the black dress has more drama and glamour and I love that skirt.
    That is a seriously angry young Miss Marple. I don’t quite understand why people don’t want their models to look happy. Shouldn’t wearing those clothes make you feel happy?


  6. The last gal has certainly mastered the death stare – think she is daring the photographer to actually make her move!!! I actually don’t mind these outfits – in a dream, its 30 odd degrees here and not coat weather what-so-ever…


  7. Oh dear yes – I looked at that first picture and saw Nite Owl from Watchmen. I like the fabric with the orange blocks. Looks like a brick wall. Some great shapes here but I’d make them up in plainer fabrics and save the collection fabrics for something simpler.


  8. Emmm, why photograph a black dress in front of a black door? Same for the coat and trousers (pants) shots…..some of those pics look like that poor girl has no legs – maybe that’s why she’s so unhappy – or have I a problem with my computer graphics card?


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