My Mother of the Bride pajama Jacket

Sometimes I think my vision is  a little skewed- I find a pattern I like for a casual Bohemian style top- Butterick 5434…I was picturing a batik…it turns out to be a pajama pattern. Well, I am not really the giddy co-ed who thinks that hanging out in the Panera Bread abusing their wifi in a pair of sleepy pants is the most fun ever, but, I was planning to wear just this patterns top so  I felt better about it, but maybe the pajama thing isn’t so crazy- look how hot this is:

You can take it anywhere! I mean really, it’s all Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus seem to own right now?! I always think of this look as  ‘going out for cold medicine chic’

So I dig thru the closet of textile hoarding and find a lovely $2 a yard treasure for a Hancock fabric sale and think, ‘OOH, it’s shiny and bright and oooh,’ Ok, truth be told, I think that alot.

My husband can instantly derail any argument we might be having discretely in public by pointing to someone’s shoes. ‘Look, at her shoes- you like those,don’t you?’ he’ll deflect. “ooh, shiny’ and I am off topic and probably never coming back. Thank God he only uses his powers for good!

So off I go- thinking how fun this fabric will be as a frisky little jacket- until I am covertly hemming it on sunday at work and here comes a nurse asking me in charming innocence if I am altering a Mother of the Bride outfit- she saw that same fabric at Davids….. Anne, I love you, but I’m not in love with your clothes…..Well, in for a penny- here is my Mother of the Bride pajama jacket I posted for the Sew Weekly button challenge. Well, I like it…..the pattern was beyondeasy– I just took it in to give it a bit of shape in the waist and make a little pattern with my decorative buttons. I’m happy- so do you think it says ‘That evil slut is going to break my sons heart!’ or ‘Grape Ape rayon  jacket meets Auntie Mame’. I hope for the later.

Behold: Glorious downtown Anderson!

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photo credits: Little me,, google images,

21 thoughts on “My Mother of the Bride pajama Jacket

  1. VeraVenus says:

    The outdoor pyjama thing … it’s visual vileness.
    MJ looks like he’s being arrested and MC looks like a (happy) vagrant… no one can work that look.

    Your jacket however is fab, wonderful colours on you!


  2. I love the end result. That’s a great choice in fabric, I love the colours.

    I don’t understand pj’s in public. Why would you want people to see your pj’s? If guests stay over night I’m coming down in my pj’s in the morning, but I have lovely satin Hugh Hefner type pj’s for that. That’s in context.


  3. Barbara Shovlin says:

    Just lovely…downtown Anderson never looked better. Living way way outside city limits myself, I am constantly having to turn my head so as not to be exposed to the locals wearing pj’s for some great discounts at Fred’s and $ General. As Mother used to say…..”for shame”!!!


  4. Pj’s in public is only slightly better than curlers, remember that look? Of course you would never know because of the oversized hankie covering it all….
    Great colors on your jacket and so flattering. Really, I see it as great piece. Good for every day and what the hey, pretty enough for a garden wedding.


  5. mrsmole says:

    Your hair color and the jacket’s deep colors are beautiful! Pajamas/bananas, Jackets/rackets…whatever you call it. a pattern that covers the body, hangs straight and looks that nice is just plain perfect!


  6. I like this-it *is* a bit more structured than I have seen on you before but is a great look. That is marvelous fabric and is so flattering to your coloring.


  7. This is no mother-of-the-bride jacket. Even if you added a hideous hat a la Anne it would merely look like a fabulous jacket paired with an unfortunate hat. The colour is gorgeous and makes me long for autumn.
    There is something particularly amusing about the fact that Miley’s t-shirt says, “Take a picture, it will last longer”.


  8. I just found your blog and I am wondering why I didn’t find it sooner. You are a strange and wonderful woman with a twisted sense of humor. I like that.

    Great pj top/jacket that doesn’t look like a pj top or a mob outfit.


  9. me says:

    Uggs and pjs make me want to puke. That said, it’s freaking cold here, and I’m sitting around in long Hot Chillys and shearling slippers. In the privacy of my own home, thank you! Call it the smoking jacket, because it’s pretty hot. And goes so well with the ‘do, of course 🙂


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