Wearable Wednesday painting with Alexis Mabille

Let me put this image in your head straight away, no need to thank me, you’ll see why in a minute.

I like all of these lovely things- I think they are all serious eye candy- as with all candy- not practical everyday consumption.

I like monochromatic even tho I forget to sew anything in solid colors!

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl….

Looks like Endora forgot her negligee lining, Durwood….



Now just where is the tasseled cat toy connected to our model?

This is my favorite. Do you feel like donning a subtle rose and joining me?

photo credits: Google images, Style.com

25 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday painting with Alexis Mabille

  1. G.Petunia says:

    Oooh, yes, I want to join you. I’ll wear the blue one but wear a slip under it. I also want a pattern for that rose to wear on my head.


  2. VeraVenus says:

    Difficulties! I was going to go with that Jedward-meets-Punk hair look from Chanel, and that will not work with these roses. What to do, what to do….

    But seriously now, the roses in themselves are beautiful! I’d love a smallish cabbage size one… just to have around.


  3. I’ll wear the tangerine tango, but only if I don’t have to wear the full face makeup. Can you imagine touching that up throughout the day, so annoying, Hmm, do you think a parka would work with any of these, it’s -10 C here, and don’t forget the boots.


  4. Those are some crazy head gear.

    Without the hat, done up a little higher and simpler sleeves, I’d wear the orange one. Orange isn’t my colour, but I like the shades of blue/purple in the other dresses.

    I also like the print of the short dress.

    Once you look past the craziness, the bones are pretty good. Although that green dress, don’t we typically work hard to avoid the bulls eye breast effect?


  5. I don’t know where one would wear these — Mardi Gras, perhaps? Even the dresses alone are a bit over the top to me. They do look fun, though!

    What I really want is to steal that fabric. The FABRIC and trims used here are amazing….


  6. My first thought was that you wouldn’t be able to walk through doorways in those! Mind you I could see those models lounging on a sedan chair.

    I also think the orange dress would be quite wearable if hemmed above the knee. I’d keep the sleeves too but wear a vest under.


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