Simplicity 2060- Lisette and I

I’m forming a cult. Thou shalt gird thyself with contrasting obi-wrap belts and lightweight linens and licensed cotton prints and dance by the light of the moon to our patron goddess Lisette. A household shrine shall be displayed in thy dwelling to Lisette- Our Lady of Perpetual Tunic. *As with all good organizations, nudity is of course optional. *Yes, I feel strongly about the Lisette pattern group. You should have seen this coming. The gleam in my eye was a little rabid when the first series came out, but as the group grew and I saw more and more on Pattern Review and blogs, I have developed a serious fixation. Is it wrong? How can it be wrong when I feel so pretty? Here I am last sunday in the leggings my husband hates- I snuck into his numerous pictures of dilapidated barns to get these pictures- boy was he thrilled! I was looking a little dilapidated myself this past weekend, I fell right in with his motif!

So I used a stash fabric- I know, shocking- I actually used a pattern I owned and fabric I own- do you hear the apocalyptic hoof beats???

I’ve been saving this paisley pinwale corduroy from for something special- it kept screaming ‘skirt’ and I keep screaming, ‘no, too Emma Pillsbury’ and we stopped speaking for a few weeks. But we reconciled and decided on the Lisette.

I plan a contrasting obi-belt, but just can’t decide on what to use. Maybe a heavy pink woven, something textural? Suggestions are of course welcome. Cuz I just know I’d look as thin as the model if I had the right obi belt!

I was thinking that the sleeves were a little flat so I pleated the cuff and added 2 buttons for fancy sake.  I love the yoke on this pattern and the soft gathering. I cut the hem off straight- the husband announced a quirky dislike of the rounded shirt tail style. Huh, you just never know whats going to strike him oddly. Perhaps he was once attacked by a clown in an exagerated  shirt tail costume. I’ll have to look into that.

Photo credits: Pattern Review, little me

33 thoughts on “Simplicity 2060- Lisette and I

  1. mrsmole says:

    Obi…non ken-obi! No one EVER looks like the model on the envelope unless they have been left starving. You look just darling as you are and that size of motif really suits the tunic. Are you sure you were not a model in your past life? Add me to the tunic cult…that is what’s on tap for me this spring if the brides leave me alone.


  2. Very nice tunic!. Love the print with the brown (?) leggings. This pattern is on my to buy list when my LFS has a pattern sale. I’m not so sure either about the shirt tail hem for a dress- my thighs are my least favourite part and not something I want to show off.


  3. You are a delight in tunics! Why does your husband hate those leggings? They look cute.

    I would do the obi belt in a light green to match the print. Distinctive, but not in your face. By the way, I fight with my fabrics too. Sometimes they are just determined to be TWEE and I will not allow it.


    • He has a real hate on for leggings- we can’t go anywhere without him pointing out some unsuspecting gfirl in unfortunate cowboy boots and leggings! I vote for green, too. Now wqe’l lsee if the Hancock fabric is willing!


  4. G.Petunia says:

    I did not recognize the name Emma Pillsbury so I googled. There on the page of choices I saw that Wikipedia gave her occupation and place of employment so I didn’t need to click that but instead I chose the page “What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear”. Wow. That wardrobe is a close relative of the one I came to passionately hate circa 1969. I was in my mid twenties and had been working for the government for about 6 years. I dressed conservatively and tastefully and it seemed the rest of the world my age were dressing like hippies and going to Woodstock when they weren’t listening to the song Don’t Bogart That Joint and reading Radical Chic. My wardrobe was a symbol of my exclusion from the group I needed to belong to. If Emma Pillsbury doesn’t have a few clothes unlike the clothes on WWEPW, she needs to consider an addition. If your closet doesn’t contain anything that allows you to dress like Emma Pillsbury once in a while, you might consider an addition. Ruts are terrible things to be stuck in.

    That said, I would like to compliment your psychedelic paisley tunic. But I think the fabric is correct and is not very Emma Pillsbury 🙂


    • Thank you and a late welcome to my whining fests! I do love some Emma but I thought this wasn’t quite ready for circle skirt! I would love to steal her sweater collection and the jewelry!!


  5. I love love love this! I adore the lisette patterns, and I saw this particular one before it was released to the public and I was drooling for it. Yours looks fantastic, there was actually lisette paisley corduroy in the Joann stores and that’s what I originally thought you had used to make this. On that note, your fabric was made for this tunic! You look adorable, and I say next time you have an exaggerated hem on your hands throw caution ( and your hubs) to the wind and go for it girl!


  6. Checked out Lisette (lovely stuff) so all I need is to raid some cotton prints from the quilting cult and I’m all set to go. What else would wear this great tunic with if not leggings? You could make lots of obi belts in coordinating colours and buy leggings to match the belts – so you’ll look good with the additional “annoyment” factor built in.


  7. You have me lusting for Lisette, which is amazing as I am a Vogue devotee. Isn’t it interesting how we become so comfortable with a style line? I love this tunic on you and to know that it is corduroy paisley makes it even more special. You look cute, comfortable and warm. About husbands and other SO types: oh well, they can deal. I have been sewing voluminous tunics with elastic waists lately and R is decidedly cool. “They are puffy in the wrong places”


    • I always love when I’m in the fitting stage and he looks at me, turns his head to the side, waves a finger wizard-style at some area of it and says ‘Will it always do THAT?’


  8. Damn it, now I need to buy one of these Lisette Patterns. This is awesome, and I think the corduroy looks very happy to have found a home. And as for your gentleman caller, you should just patiently explain that yes, it will always do that and if he’s not into it that’s completely fine, you aren’t making the thing for him, after all…


  9. Loving the paisley – and I hear you about buying more patterns and fabric when you have miles of it. I just completed my sewing plan for 2012 and as I was going through it I was trolling the internet for more fabric!


  10. Love the tunic (duh, of course). I, like another here, am not a Simplicity follower, and I have never looked at the Lisette patterns. Calm down, I am gonna check them out as soon as I am done typing this.

    You ladies have got to train your men. Mine knows now that the appropriate response when I am put on anything but jeans and a t-shirt is “you look very nice”. This is appropriate if I am wearing a tutu, snorkeling fins,top hat and a parka. It may take time, but they can be trained up.


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