Do you believe …

Do you believe in a timewarp? I’m not asking you to get all Steven Hawkings or Gene Roddenberry with me- I mean in the fabric store. Seriously. I realized yesterday while shopping at my local Hancocks that I had some odd hate-on for Butterick patterns. So I looked at my stash at home and  did some digging. Everytime I buy Butterick it is a colossal retro disaster! A big 80’s disaster that not even VH-1 could make fun! I tried to exclude my Mother of the Bride pajama jacket, but what did I dislike about it? It looked too dated!!! What comment did I use when I was posing with Butterick 5555? I was using my best ‘Julie the cruise director’ pose. Seriously- I think there is something to this!  All of my Butterick experience started in Home Ec- my skills have hopefully progressed and I know my taste has (God help me, it had to!) but Butterick seems to have a negative time warp effect on me! I go totally Dynasty when I shop it!

I try to make outfits that Alex Keaton’s sister would think I was cool in. How does this happen? I just looked at the Butterick site and I didn’t see this anymore: 

But somehow when I buy one of the patterns it morph’s from this:

To this:  

I really don’t see any cure for this- I think I have a fatal attraction to bad retro- I’m trapped in a Golden Girls fashion loop?! Other people do rockabilly retro- I do geriatric shoulder pad retro. So not fair. currently no awards are given out in this genre.

So I finally have a reslution that shows how dedicated I am to making the world a better place. I’m going to stop buying Butterick patterns. I’m going to save you all from the sight of me in this:

Does anyone else find themselves visiting a time not so long ago in their pattern stash?  Does anyone else hear the ‘Dallas’ theme while shopping?

photo credits: google images, pattern wiki, pattern review

20 thoughts on “Do you believe …

  1. mrsmole says:

    My pattern boxes are crammed with patterns from my teenage/high school years of the 60’s. Think Jackie-O and Marlo Thomas with sleek dresses and quirky bows and scarves draped in one of 150 different versions with just the right brooch holding it to the shoulder or neckline. Has my lifestyle progressed, yes to a rural denim salmon spawning woodland Pacific Northwest setting but my poor old mind wants to be “That Girl” in pantyhose and sensible pumps and LOTS of black eyeliner with wings and thick mascara. I see newly released “vintage” patterns young women are going nuts over and think…hmmmm Donna Reed, Harriet Nelson…it’s been 50+ years since those women ruled the house and fashion sales…maybe it’s time for them again?


  2. You are confusing me with this post – what do you mean time warp and 80s. I thought hot pink and royal blue suits with big shoulder pads were still in ! Is Alexis Carringon not the current fashion icon ?I thought this was normal. Oh Dear -you have shattered me. – zlthough I agree the head band the model is wearing in the last picture is a little over the top ( but I wonder if the pattern includes this – it could look cool with my knickerbockers – don`t tell me they are out of fashion as well )


  3. Lesson learned. When I am about to read your blog put down all beverages far away from the computer and swallow before reading a single word. I will likely have sticky keys for some time now after spraying my entire laptop and a great deal of myself with Pepsi while reading this post. It was worth it, my god woman you are funny. I sure hope you are trying to be. 😎


  4. Well, I’m pretty sure that the 70s patterns I go nuts over would’ve been considered “Bad retro” not that long ago… (and let’s face it, some of them are really, really bad). I tend to buy a lot of patterns at the thrift store, though, which means a large chunk of “dated but not yet vintage” things. I have any number that I imagine could be updated successfully… and probably an even greater number that are just going to continue to disappoint.

    My great Winter Coat was a Butterick pattern. I have to say, though, that it could be bad-retro pretty easily, especially with the original puff sleeves…


  5. Oh no and to think that shoulder pads are back. Please god don’t let Them bring other 80s stuff back too. Not really back anyway. Then again Catherine D is right too and the 90s was boring.

    When did they do pastels? Was that the 80s???


  6. I think you and I are on the same brainwave frequency.. First the love of lisette and now the distaste of butterick. I have always thought the butterick patterns look like they haven’t been updated since saved by the bell was all the rage. I love perusing vogue and mccalls but generally don’t give butterick the time of day. Just say no!


  7. You made me look at the BACK of my pattern box – scary!!! Still, 1980s = 30 years younger, size 8, no crows feet, no mortgage – bring back the 80s, please…..


  8. You make me laff so much! I’d like to think that if we lived nearer to one another I wouldn’t let this happen to you, lol. Make a local sewing buddy. FAST!

    Also? Bosom Buddies!! OMG! I have loved Tom Hanks for a long time. Thanks for that reminder ;D And I would wear GG shoulder pads everyday if it meant I would have Betty W’s longevity!


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