Wearable Wednesday PPQ

I am intrigued with this collection- it’s classy, it’s a little retro and it still has some stand out oddness for me to enjoy.

I read once that Cheetah in the old Tarzan movies was actually wearing little furry briefs to maintian the decency codes. That trivia just popped into my head…I know not why.

Do you think she dropped her tictacs in a glitter forest?

This motif got me very excited- I’m sort of vision impaired and I really thought it was candy corn.

The crotch on this one is bothering me…oh great, thats going to make unpleasant google research results….

 This is my favorite, even tho it is sans candy corn:

photo credits: Style.com

Simplicity 1998- Lotso’ Static

Well…. what do you think? I may make a dryer sheet slip to wear under this- I am a static cling beastie in this- so remember me fondly when I am struck by lightning in the yard today!  

I think with the right styling, I could be the ‘Toasty Space Hosty of Galactar 9’ and charm the disposable crew members in episodes 3-7, Season 1. I need black boots and a raygun. Lands, how many times have I said that when getting dressed?!

So conlusion of my Strawberry-scented saga:

It’s Cozy, it’s cute and I like it.It does have a collar that can’t seem to decide what it wants to be when it grows up, but how many of us can?  I think that Simplicity had ‘dress’ in mind, but I don’t see myself in a big staticy pink bear dress anytime soon. I loped off 5 Lotso’ inches and called it a day. No other major changes, just some tapering of the waist- cuz I thought it would be neat to have one in this. Dream a little dream, Anne!

Lovely weather we are having- I know the love seat will regret the puffy-pups joining me for the backyard photo shoot!

photo credits: Mr B, Disney Digest

I’ve looked at cloth from both sides now…

Over the weekend I bought- yes, I bought more fabric, I’m bad, so bad, I know it….guilty posts are for mondays, not sundays! Ok, sorry, back to my story….I bought this really cute cotton print that was $2.95 on sale. Hancock Fabrics seems to like to put their bolts out and not turn the fabrics so you can see the pretty side and I have now bought 2 things that I thought the wrong side was prettier than the front. The radiation batik was a wrong-sider. The front had all these micro-polkadots and was too busy for me- yes, there was a busier side! I know, can you believe it? I guess I’m just used to looking at backsides and finding the beauty!

So here’s my question- anyone out there purposely using the back sides of fabric because it’s just more fun? I’m thinking of using the front as my contrast on whatever this fabric says it wants to be.

Here’s the front:

Here’s the back- Katze’s, to be precise:

It’s not a whole heap different- maybe no one will notice- or maybe they will think that I didn’t notice. Hmm….Will the fabric police come for me? Is there any technical reason not to? Is it forbidden, like the Lambada?  

 So come on all of you educated Sewists- is there REALLY a right side and a wrong side if their is no nap? Can the wrong side be the right side?

photo credits: little me, google images

I’m a strawberry scented tortured soul…

No, I’m not Prince!

I just realized I have unintentionally created a Lots o’ Hugs the Bear costume! I was picturing sort of frisky retro space advisor when I saw the pattern- but somehow that didn’t discourage me. Because I saw what Montanachic did with it as a blouse- I felt the familiar covetous sensations!

I had a lovely piece of a non-stretch mauvey/pinky veloury Deanna fabric that seemed like a worthy sacrifice.  My machine was even happy with my idea. It sewed thru the fabric like it was really pleased with it.

I got tghe shoulder seams and the side seams basted and headed to the bathroom for a try- on with the big mirror.

Here I am:

 Got to wax my eyebrows this weekend- I’m looking like Ned Beatty…..stay tuned- the next post will either have lovely completed pics of me wearing it, or the Dachshunds new velour bedding!

photo credits: little me, google images, pattern review

Wearable Wednesday- Marc Jacobs gets Layered…

Maybe it’s just my mood today, but I’m sort of liking this odd, textural H.R.Puffenstuff pilgrim shoe odyssey:

 There are some really swell takeaways from this collection, but it feels overwhelmed- like they limited his runway time so they just kept putting more on each model.

I’d like at least 5 yards of each fabric, tho. Can I have it?

Is this a purse or Harry Potters Tome of mythical Beasts?  

One more for the Olsen twins- they like to be bundled up. Hopefully they can commission it in all black.

Ok, I love this coat- this may be my favorite piece…. 

photo credits: Style.com