Wearable Wednesday and the Girl in the Grey Flannel Suit

Bouchra Jarrar is our pick today. I think since so many of us sewists have decided that 2012 will be the year of well-fitting pants- this designer should be on our radar. If a well-teased collar is your goal- also take note.

Where is that draft coming from???

She seems almost naked in this one:

One more for the road-

I like. I know- they don’t have irridescent crotch wings or cantilevered shoulder cannons, but still, this is nice. These are outfits to seduce the office mailboy in.  This is how madonna’s Mother would like her to dress, I’m sure.

photo credits: style. com

19 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday and the Girl in the Grey Flannel Suit

  1. Very wearable collection….I found the stripe detail on some pants interesting…sort of like a secret code for people who exercise in “the perfect workout outfits”….Love the sleeveless black one….thanks for sharing.


  2. I’m bored by the gray flannel pants and somewhat horrified by the fur collars. They remind me of those old fox stoles that used to be available in thrift shops everywhere — remember those? Like flattened fox bodies that you were supposed to just drape around your neck as if wearing roadkill made you instantly chic? I would be constantly thinking….”Did it just move?”


  3. Well, I’m not going to get into the issue of wearing “something previously alive and now quite dead” around the neck other than to say the collection would have been much more interesting and appealing without the roadkill to me. Hmm, the soles of those shoes are quite red……


  4. Gawd, I’m in love with this collection. Everything is so wearable and I have to disagree with Mary – I’d take that caterpillar in a second. It looks amazing on that model and I only wish I had her height to pull that piece off.


  5. Ok, I’m totally a fur freak, so I would wear that first outfit no problem! It just would be nice to be completely hip-less like those models. I think their shapelessness makes the pants look good. You notice the pants first, whereas on me, you notice the shape inhabiting the pants first, and that makes a beautifully tailored pair of pants an afterthought, unfortunately.


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