Vogue 1228 and the Radiation Batik frock

I have a little collection of sheet music I’ve gathered over the years when I discovered that most movie memorabilia was pricey, but the sheet music from some of my favorites was plentiful and the added allure of knowing that someone rushed out and bought it to practice playing ‘Abbadabba Honeymoon’ with made it seem even more charming.

 I frame them  and interspersed  about the house- never actually using them – since I don’t play any instruments. I just love the colors and the connection to history and pop culture.  Well, I also have a Vogue pattern collection that I’ve treated similarly. I buy it, croon over the pictures and then treat it like a relic. Some others may use it as intended, I just love the pictures.

Well, this year my vow to sew fearlessly is going to break the glass on those Vogues. Here’s how I dipped my toes in to it slowly:

I made this in  a lovely pink paisley knit and the style didn’t set my world on fire, but it gave me a little Vogue confidence and another weekend top. I didn’t review it last week, just put it on for a dry run out to the Mellow Mushroom.

On thursday I made this Vogue 1228-  This picture isn’t me, I have shorter hair!

I used a lovely batik print challis from Hancock that the Husband immediately noticed had Hazmat (he’s very safety conscious my dorkscout) symbols all over it. I poo-poo’d him, but now it’s all I see:

I am in love with this pattern- I first saw it on the lovely Mystitchnbitch– I always get inspiration from her work. Check her out- she’s a Lisette’r too!

Well, here’s mine:

I couldn’t resist adding the covered buttons- perhaps I shouldn’t have been watching Downton Abbey while I finished it- Lady Mary was very buttoned in that episode, I think I may have gotten  a  subliminal message from the button industry…

One more for the road- I’m thinking deep thoughts about world peace and such   here:

Not everyone was as happy about my Level 1 Vogue breakthu.    Katze was pouting about a nice day spent in the Sewing room! Feel the gloom:

photo credits: little me, Pattern review, Google images

An additional thought and disclaimor: The groomer put the pink feather in Katze’s hair, I swear!

28 thoughts on “Vogue 1228 and the Radiation Batik frock

  1. Aww thanks for the shout out! Your version turned out great, you look like a hottie in this dress 😉 the print is great, it has that bohemian chic vibe that I love. Your pooch looks pooped, all that sewing sure wears a dog out!


  2. Congrats on being fearless! Sometimes it’s just kind of fun to plow through when you have no idea what you are doing. 🙂 That’s how I learned to use my serger–I just turned it on and sewed. And FTR, while I can see what your hubby is saying, I still think the dress looks great and I’d totally wear it with pride. 🙂


  3. I have V1228 in stash and have looked at it often. How did the sleeves go together and how do they feel on? It looks great BTW, hazmat pattern and all. I never would have noticed it to be quite honest.
    I have the Vogue Katherine Tilton pattern too and I’ve been avoiding it because of the puffed sleeves on some of the versions…
    Cutting out some Vogues myself this weekend.


    • I was worried about the sleeves sort of migrating toward the back, but they really don’t. It’s a big-ish sleeve but it isn’t heavy. I made the Tilton pattern in a medium weight knit and I got the shape, but not the pouf- thankfully- I wonder if they stuffed the sleeves on the cover….


  4. I love your sheet music, what a great idea! So bright and colorful, they would make me feel happy every time I looked at them.

    The dress looks lovely on you, excellent choice on the colour. I love the neckline and sleeves on that dress, unfortunately it is the perfect style to make me look like a refrigerator box with arms and legs. It’s not a look I’m fond of.


  5. Your dress looks fabulous! I bought that pattern last year, maybe I really will make it for *this* summer.. Do you mind if I ask whether it was true to size?
    I am hoping they keep it up with the Vena Cava!


  6. That looks awesome. I’m putting mine together now =) I like your framed collection (I collect art prints and hand pulled posters but framing is so expensive here that they’re all still in in their roll covers). One day, i won’t be a student anymore and then I’ll have a house full of framed up art. =)


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