Just 20 more days, Mickey….Oh, and Simplicity 2406

The husband and I will be returning to our special happy place at the end of the month so the wardrobe scramble is on. I’d love to pack mostly me-made things and I’ve been working on tops and a few frocks for evenings. We’re staying off-site (gasp!) We’ve never done such- I will miss the bubble of Disney being over us the entire trip, but it may afford shorter walks to dinner allowing Little ME to spruce up for dinner a bit more. I’m usually capris, sneakers and fun top girl, but I envy people with reasonable arches that can work the sandal and sundress combo- I want cute toes at dinner like all the cool kids!!

So this brings me to a pattern I’ve been eyeing for months- Simplicity 2406:

I feel like this dress has reached a McDonalds-like status: “Simplicity2406! Over 1 Billion Served!” Well, if you are going to one of the most visited places on Earth, like Disney World- wear a dress that fits the theme, right?   I adjusted it only slightly- I didn’t have the back open to the waist- I didn’t really see the point of that design detail. A bright quilters cotton brings it down to a more casual note for a night at a resort restaurant, I hope.  I think this will go into the repeat bin, I really enjoyed making it. The construction of the sleeves had a fun twist that gave me some challenge and I liked that. The fun twist for me was when I put them on backwards but I ended up liking the neckline that way, so I left it. This expression is my ‘what was that noise, are those cats destroying things that I love?’  but my dedication to this photo shoot was strong, oh yes. I ignored the noises. Possibly to my own detriment.

Here’s another view- this time I’m ignoring thye dogs. If I had a third picture, I’d ignore my husband in that one. This is my life.

Now I just need some cutesy red sandals and dinner reservations.

I’m think Todd English’s Blue Zoo at the Swan…or is it the Dolphin resort? I’m so ready for a little mouse time.

photo credits: Little me, pattern review

36 thoughts on “Just 20 more days, Mickey….Oh, and Simplicity 2406

  1. mrsmole says:

    You can really work a rust dress and what cool motifs! Not so sure about the pink fluffy hat though…ha ha. Have a super time celebrating another great year of partnership and love!


  2. Oh very cute! I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be perfect for resort wear. Of course I’ve never actually been to a resort but in my mind, along with the other life I have with no dogs, horses, cats, donkeys or manure of any kind, this is the kind of the thing people wear and look great doing so, just like you! Have a grand time.


  3. I love this dress! I have to say I wasn’t aware of it until your post but I can understand why it’s so popular. The fabric makes it perfect for some resort dining and I can see the potential for a ‘going to a wedding’ frock with a fancy fabric! I hope the cats didn’t do anything too awful?


  4. deanna says:

    i love this dress! You will be the envy of the restaurant! And you will make everyone else in their capris and sneaks feel so jealous! Its that dress that i see someone wearing in such a casual way as if to say, “I wear this kind of thing ALL the time” and it WORKS! Like when you see a picture of someone wearing a cute skirt at the beach, and i feel bad in my baggy man shorts. LOVE IT!!


  5. I love everything about this dress. The fabric is kind of retro in a modern way and it is so totally your colour! Love the sleeves and the neckline and the overall shape… Its fabulous! I know exactly what you mean about the back being open. I worried about that on my ladybug dress. I though it would look like I forgot to zip it up but I’ve just seen ‘A Good Wardrobe’s’ lovely purple wool dress and it is a lovely touch. Never been to the ‘Land’. Looking forward to the photos!


  6. Ooh, nice dress! I couldn’t tell you put the sleeves in backwards, so no need to worry about that. The cotton should be perfect for a warm evening out.

    Most of the frequent Disneygoers I know stay off site. It’s usually cheaper, although being in the Disney “bubble” is nice too.


  7. Super dress, just perfect – not just for holidays of course. And pockets too.
    You can really pick colour to suit you, have you been Coloured Me Beautiful?


  8. I love Disney. I’ve been 3 times. This is a trick when you live in Canada and can rarely afford to travel. (Hopefully this will change as the kids are grown and will soon either contribute to the coffers of this place or move out…) enjoy your trip!


  9. I love the first photo!!! I was just telling R after our shoot yesterday that we need to work on our banter so that I actually smile once in a while. My pretend vacant model look is getting old and I’m quite horrible at it.

    Oh, and I love the dress. Duh. But what sort of undergarment does one wear? That’s the only thing keeping me from this pattern… my girls need support.


    • My husband takes the pic- then he squints at the monitor on the camera and makes all these awful faces- it really helps elevate the tension for someone who hates having their picture taken!
      The foundation issue is the other reason I closed the back- the bunnies need a hutch!


  10. This is the cutest version of S2406 I’ve seen. I kept passing on the pattern thinking that the design details were too much for me, now that I seen it on some curves and made up in a simple cotton…I think I’ll have to sew it up, too. Very nice…thanks for bringing me here to see it.


  11. As a new reader, I’ve gathered that your Disney trip was a little while ago now, but I just had to comment on this particular post to say how wonderful your dress is!! Hope it provided the extra magic at your dinner :).


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