Wearable Wednesday- Maxime Simeon

Style.com says ‘slim silhouettes and graphic embellishments dominating’ is the rule of this collection. I’m almost willing to go on a harsh diet to wear some of these. Ok, I am actually eating cookies out of my desk drawer at this moment, but the feeling is still there.

I love the metallic mosaic work on these. It’s minimalist but still heavilly detailed- not heavy handed, tho.

 Almost an old-school video-game feel, but not silly, playful.

At last a designer with sleek, non-crazeball styling on the catwalk! Hurray! I’m not even scared of these women!  This one is a little stiff perhaps- but I think it’s the elfish model- she is not dominating her ensemble!  

OOH- me likee.

Well, are you ready to start cutting out squares and tacking them to your next project?

photo credits: Style.com

12 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Maxime Simeon

  1. Love it. And where most of these collections I like one or two and think the rest are crazy, I don’t think any of those are totally crazy. I love the colours of 1 and 4. 2 wowed me, although I’d sew down that front slit a little further for modesty, I wouldn’t change anything else. I love the Atari feel of the simple little black dress. 5 is perhaps my least favourite, I’m not a fan of orange or the shoulders but really, the jacket is solid. I like the colour blocking, the half belts, the shape of the skirt. And well, the last black dress, those little mosaic tiles would set it apart from a room of black dresses.


  2. What a wonderful, fun and wearable collection. I like the short black number, now if I only had the figure and legs to carry it off….
    I’m not sure about the funky shaped shoulder pads though. They make me think about football, and after last Sunday…well, the draft comes soon enough in April.


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